First Look: Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel

Game Adaptation by J.C.Staff, who brought you Toradora
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Schoolgirls, magic academies and monsters. That’s all you need to know.

Euri’s verdict: Dull

Ever seen an anime about a magical academy that teaches students how to become great at slaying monsters? Yeah, it’s that show again. Honestly, we’ve spoken so much about this rotting trope that there’s really not much left to say. Schoolgirl Strikers‘ ‘unique twist’ appears to be that the girls in the show are split up into what are essentially idol groups. These groups are their monster-fighting squads, but they have names that sound like generic idol bands, they have costume transformation sequences and all members from each group has a costume motif. For example there’s the maid group, there’s the gothic lolita group, and our protagonists are part of the hot mess group.

With regards to the show in general, I think I spend most time debating whether the opening fight scene was real. Honestly, I was convinced it was one of those anime-inside-an-anime shows you see in certain series’, often parodies of unrelated, popular shows. Y’know, like Kujibiki Unbalance before they went and actually span that off into its own thing. The problem with these parody anime shows is that they often look deliberately bad. If that’s the first thing you are showing in your new anime series, and that’s what it reminds me of, you might want to consider maybe not making a show that features those battle scenes.

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