First Look: Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

Alternative title(s): Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul; 2 FAVAROOOOO 2 Furious
Mobile Game Adaptation by MAPPA
Streaming on (sigh) Anime Strike


Ten years after the world’s destruction at the hands of Bahamut was narrowly averted, the humans seem to be getting a bit big for their britches, hunting down gods and demons alike.

Iro’s verdict: FAVAROOOOOOOO

Er, I guess our favorite orange afro rogue wasn’t in this episode… but, well. Yknow. Genesis was one of my favorite shows in recent memory, and I’ve been looking forward to Virgin Soul for literal years now, so I’m glad to report that I enjoyed this a whole lot. It strikes a surprisingly solid balance between including members of the old cast and introducing a new main character, without either side feeling overbearing. On the other hand, it seems this season is going for a more serialized plot, which is where season 1 sort of stumbled.¬†Bahamut was at its best with crazy swashbuckling action, and I hope this will recapture that while still having a main story I can get invested in. I guess we’ll see, but I’ve got high hopes.

Jel’s verdict:¬†Comin’ In Hot

This episode totally met my high expectations and probably even exceeded them to a certain extent. The known quantities like the grand scale of the battles, cinematic presentation, and re-introduction of some of the previous cast are all there. It’s the new elements that I was really impressed with. My biggest concern was our new main character Nina, who seemed like a bit of a boy crazy airhead in the preview trailers. She is still a boy crazy airhead, but as soon as you realize how “unique” she is, to keep things spoiler free, I’m totally on board with her. I’m also finding the overall story to be interesting with the big threat of Bahamut supposedly gone and the humans letting it go to their head. It makes for a fresh context on a great setting, and I’m looking forward to see how that sets up our next big adventure.

Really my only complaint is the episode went by too fast, I would have loved to have a double length to start us off. It seems like that would have been appropriate for a series that looks and feels like a movie. But hey, if you leave your audience wanting more that means your show must be good, right?

11 thoughts on “First Look: Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

  1. Two words: Fucking awesome.
    AoT needs to take some notes.
    Super stoked Bahamut is back! The action is so smooth with a great balance of cg and animation.

    As for Nina…Loved her from the moment she stepped onto the screen. Even her over the top boy craze…

  2. Too bad this is on Strike. Otherwise I would have given it a shot. Well… maybe it’ll be released on other platforms down the road. A shame.

    • The first season was licensed by Funimation and is still available on Hulu, not sure if you are in the US but those are options if you haven’t seen it. As for the second season… well that is what pushed me to finally get Strike. They got a lot of exclusives this season so as an anime blogger I may not have much of a choice, unfortunately.

      • Hulu went premium only recently in the US, pushing shows open to the general public onto Yahoo View (which, interestingly, as more stable programming for their video player thus far). But I was able to see season one back on Hulu before the switch.
        If FUNi grabbed season one, they’ll probably push for season two though. SO I might be able to see it down the road. I just can’t cotton with yet ANOTHER subscriptions service. But, like you said, that choice may be taken from me eventually.
        Rumor has it though that a few companies are trying to make combined subscription deals, so you pay one price and get multiple “channels.” There’s one that’s supposed to combine Hulu, Crunchyroll and FUNimation… That’s probably our future as anime lovers, praying for an all in one subscription that won’t break our wallets

        • My problem with Amazon Strike isn’t so much paying the $5, I’d probably be fine with that. It’s having to pay that on top of what you already pay for Amazon Prime Video. They seem pretty set on their concept of premium “channels” so even if the competition does consolidate more (it already has with CR and Funi) I think it’s going to be an issue for the foreseeable future.

          • Yeah that’s why I can’t have access to those things. I don’t have anything but a basic Amazon account. And that’s what’s defs tripping this stuff up right now. It’s never a one and done thing. All of these services either need some other fee on top or have shallow offerings, meaning you need a bunch of different ones to get a good selection of stuff.
            Not that I’m wishing for the old days. Good loooord I’m NOT missing the old pay $16 for two badly dubbed episodes on VHS days, that’s for damned sure. We’re still getting a better deal today than back then. Still… it’s frustrating to keep hearing about yet ANOTHER separate service.

        • That would be great if there was a subscription deal to multiple premium stream sites. I currently do not subscribe to any, not because of money but because there are too many options with differing channels. I watch little tv as it is so Hulu doesnt appeal to me and I wont get Prime just for strike. I’m the type user who is stuck in a wasteland. I want to buy a few channels at a reasonable price, not an enitre package…..Now we have youtube TV being trialed in the US….

          • When CR and Funi basically combined their efforts it seemed like just having a CR account would cover all anime needs, but that only lasted one season before Amazon swooped in. Seeing as they just launched and they got something like 11 titles this season, I doubt they will want to play nice with the others any time soon. I guess maybe in the long run competition is good? That’s about the only positive way I can spin it, it sucks otherwise.

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