#HATEWATCH 2017: Eromanga-Sensei Episode 8

Sometimes a show comes along that just deserves to be eviscerated. Perhaps it showcases the worst of anime’s stereotypes. Perhaps it takes an interesting premise and ruins it with befuddling plots or infuriating character arcs. Perhaps you think a show should literally be labelled a war crime by the Geneva Convention. That’s where the HATEWATCH comes in. When the show does it to such a degree, sometimes you need to watch it just for the cathartic value of demolishing whatever dreg of culture or bad taste it represents. This is #HATEWATCH 2017.

Jel’s Thoughts

​This episode takes a more subtle, quiet approach and I’ll admit, it is an improvement. Peeking in on the Izumis in more of a slice of life approach makes the characters feel much more natural. It does make me wonder if they dialed back the fan service and the self insert fantasy and the creepy little sister thing then maybe they could have pulled this off.

Light novel authors, adored by teenage girls everywhere

​Unfortunately, as they say, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. Putting in this much effort to the presentation doesn’t change the level of wish fulfillment on display or the fact that Sagiri playing along with the little sister thing sets the plot two steps back. It only makes it more frustrating to see a lot talent and effort going to waste on this trash. As for the plot development itself, I explained in detail a few weeks back why this is a dumb move so I’m not going to waste time on it again. The only thing I’d add is how sad it is that Sagiri is such a talented artist and yet her sole purpose in life is to please Masamune and be his bride. That made me a little sick.

​Speaking of ruining the plot, it was curious to see a cameo from Kuroneko this week. I wonder if that’s foreshadowing for Masamune’s relationship with Muramasa. Now that the Izumis are going to be pretend family, she’s apparently number 2 on the waifu depth chart. Could they date for a bit until they decide to stop pretending and he mercilessly dumps her a la Kuroneko? Just saying, you heard it here first.

If she was too good for Oreimo, she’s DEFINITELY too good for this show

Jel’s Good Manners Lesson of the Week

I’m not currently studying philosophy like Marlin but what I can tell you is ignoring a guest after you’ve invited them to your house is rude. Why did they even bother introducing Shidou this episode? He got a few seconds of screen time and added absolutely nothing. I’m guessing he will come into play later as they went through the trouble of bending the rules and getting his book published as well, but do we really need more authors competing for a share of the plot? We don’t, but I suppose this series’ entire existence is a waste so no use complaining now.

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