The GLORIO Summer 2017 Anime Guide – Part 3

Better late than never, part 3 of our summer preview guide is finally here! I was mostly delayed by working on our anniversary posts but I’ll admit having my top three candidates for worst shows of the season in one post was not exactly helping either. Yes, this is where all the light novel trash ended up. That said, we do get two interesting western comic book collaborations with the stylish The Reflection: Wave One and Marvel Future Avengers, the spiritual successor to GLORIO cult favorite Disk Wars.

You can read Part 1 of the guide here and Part 2 here.

A Centaur’s Life

Centaur no Nayami

Manga Adaptation by Emon Animation
Air Date: 7/9/2017
Director: Naoyuki Konno, Fumitoshi Oizaki
Series Composition: Touko Machida

Fun fact: when Iro wrote about this manga way back when, it caught just the right part of tumblr and became one of our most viewed posts ever. Needless to say, the thirst for anime monster girls has been real for a long time. To this series’ credit, it takes a more subdued slice of life approach and tries to explain how the various types of monster deal with the practical issues of living human lives. Unfortunately it gets so detailed that it’s a bit creepy, and it still falls prey to the usual anime school clichés Think somewhere in between the low key Interviews with Monster Girls and the oversexed actual Monster Girls series. Or just watch the trailer and you’ll get the idea.

Princess Principal

Anime Original by Studio 3Hz
Air Date: 7/9/2017
Director: Masaki Tachibana
Series Composition: Ichiro Okouchi

A group of girls working as spies in 19th century London sounds cool until you see the art and realize they’re all basically wearing maid costumes and look like they’re 10 years old. THANKS ANIME. The trailer looks pretty serious and even violent so apparently there is actual espionage going on, but again that second half kicks in with the girls and all sorts of red flags go off. I do wonder if they could take this a similar direction as say, Gunslinger Girl, that explores the implications of using children for this kind of thing but you and I both know that’s not going to happen.

Here Comes the Three Angels!

Tenshi no 3P!

Light Novel Adaptation by Project No. 9
Air Date: 7/10/2017
Director: Shinsuke Yanagi
Series Composition: Gou Zappa

Alright, I declare candidate #1 for worst show of the Summer! I just made a joke about anime girls looking like they’re 10 years old and now we have a show where they’re actually 10! Yes, this series is about a high school vocaloid producer who gets coerced into using three fifth graders for vocalists in a band. Basically, the story of Supercell give or take 10 years. ANYWAY, the premise itself isn’t necessarily bad if treated properly but watch the trailer and you can tell what demographic this is aimed at. Avoid at all costs unless you want the police raiding your hard drive later.

In Another World With My Smartphone

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni

Light Novel Adaptation by Production Reed
Air Date: 7/11/2017
Director: Takeyuki Yanase
Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi

Candidate #2 for worst show of the season! This is the EXACT same plot as Konosuba (kid dies untimely death and is granted the option to live in an alternate world) except instead of spitefully wishing to drag a goddess down with him our hero wishes to keep his smartphone. For some reason this gives him super powers and the dozens of girls in the trailer all probably fall in love with him. I don’t know any more than that and I don’t care, moving on.

Lights of Clione

Clione no Akari

Online Novel Adaptation by Ishikawa Pro
Air Date: 7/12/2017
Director: Naoya Ishikawa
Series Composition: A lot of people

A sick girl is moved to a hospital in a faraway town, then shortly thereafter two of her friends receive an invitation to a mysterious summer festival. I’m guessing they are going for a tearjerker on this one, but I’ll admit the concept is mysterious enough to have potential. Unfortunately the production values look real rough on the trailer, right down to the oddly mixed audio on the voice over. It would be a shame if this is actually good and they don’t have the means to make it happen, we’ll see how it goes.

First Time Gal

Hajimete no Gyaru

Manga Adaptation by NAZ
Air Date: 7/12/2017
Director: Hiroyuki Furukawa
Series Composition: Yuichiro Momose

I feel like it’s been awhile since we had a high school comedy about wanting to lose your virginity, so here you go. The twist on this one is our hero confesses to a “gal” and she actually says yes. I’m 99% certain it will turn out she doesn’t fit the promiscuous stereotype a la the recent Please Tell Me, Galko-chan!, but the trailer indicates they’re still willing to flash some ample T&A. Hey, all I’m going to say at this point is at least she doesn’t look like she’s 10.

Classroom of the Elite

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

Light Novel Adaptation by Lerche
Air Date: 7/12/2017
Director: Seiji Kishi, Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Series Composition: Aoi Akashiro

Students at this particular school are given special treatment based on their grades, with the best students making it to class A and the… wait this is the EXACT plot of Baka and Test. I’d rather re-watch that trashy but fun mess than this, which looks and sounds like someone read Atlus Shrugged for the first time and then decided to make an anime… oh wait, that’s been done too so really there is nothing new here whatsoever. I officially declare this candidate #3 for worst anime of the season.


Light Novel Adaptation by Pine Jam
Air Date: 7/13/2017
Director: Manabu Okamoto
Series Composition: Hiroki Uchida

Not to be confused with this season’s return of New Game!, a series about women making video games, Gamers! delivers the more traditional male fantasy of the lonely gamer dude joining a video game club with several cute girls. Yawn. As of writing there’s not even a trailer out for the anime yet (the video is for the novels) so I can’t really make much more of a judgement on this yet. I’m not exactly getting my hopes up though.

Marvel Future Avengers

Anime Original by Madhouse
Air Date: 7/22/2017
Director: Yuzo Sato
Series Composition: Ryuu King

Look, this is a dumb toy commercial sequel to a dumb toy commercial that I normally wouldn’t include here if my colleagues didn’t love watching it’s predecessor. You’re welcome guys. Currently there’s no trailer for it so I just posted a Disk Wars clip, I’m sure it will look something like that.

The Reflection: Wave One

Anime Original by Studio Deen
Air Date: 7/22/2017
Director: Koichiro Sohtome, Hiroshi Nagahama
Series Composition: Yasuyuki Suzuki

A much more interesting collaboration between east and west, The Reflection literally has comic book legend Stan Lee appearing in its trailers and even in the show itself. Not a lot of info is available yet, basically “the reflection” was some kind of event that gave people super powers and we’ll undoubtedly end up with heroes and villains slugging it out with each other. Not expecting a particularly deep plot but the art style is striking. If it actually looks like the teaser trailer then that alone may make it worth watching. Now if I can only make it through this paragraph without mentioning Heroman… DAMN IT

Owarimonogatari Season 2

Light Novel Adaptation by Shaft
Air Date: 8/12/2017
Director: A lot of people but let’s just say Akiyuki Shinbo
Series Composition: A lot of people but let’s just say NisioIsin

Oh Monogatari, the things we’ve been through. You used to be one of my favorite series but after 87 episodes (and writing about 72 of them either here or elsewhere) I’m done. This story has been worked to death and it needed to end several series ago. I’ve come too far to stop now though, and fortunately this latest block of episodes should take us to the final novel and nearly to the end of the “final” season” for whatever that’s worth. This particular block will be different than any of the previous ones, airing 7 total episodes over 2 days. Weird. Anyway, I’m assuming only the die-hards are still watching at this point and you know what you’re getting into, and knowing what I know now I’d probably warn new folks to stay away. As for the rest of you, I’ll see you all in hell.

11 thoughts on “The GLORIO Summer 2017 Anime Guide – Part 3

  1. Isn’t Nisio Isin writing more Monogatari novels as of now (I think at least 3 more?) So even this “Owari” wouldn’t be the end? I’m glad I dropped off that franchise after Nisemono turned me off it completely

    • That is correct, and Owarimonogatari is actually the second to last novel of the “final season”. So there will definitely be at least one more anime series after this. I feel like that will be a good enough stopping point for me though.

        • She’s actually my favorite character at this point, not sure what that says about me or the show or what.

          • I think more than anything else, it was the sheer amount of stuff couched as serious philosophical questions that made me throw in the towel. As in, I would rather be reading Chomsky.

            • I’ve been waiting for a show to have the philosophical depth of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but nothing really has come to bat.
              I suppose I am a bit biased as I’m a fan of Aristotelian concepts and FMA is chock full of em, whereas Monogatari always feels more like an existentialist piece.

  2. Ohhhh boy. This is the summer cash grabs i expect. Kentauraus Laifu, Princess Principal and Here Comes the Three Angels!….Is there a 3 show rule for anime guides? I could barely bring myself to conitnue reading. Clearly not your fault, but I have a great deal of respect for the glorio crew for finalizing this third part.


    • If Classroom of the Elite ends up being the second coming of Mahouka that I’m expecting, I think that will be the worst. But the competition here is fierce for sure.

  3. “Hey, all I’m going to say at this point is at least she doesn’t look like she’s 10.” Lord, are we there already? We’re actually at a place where we will give allowance for a bad show so long as the love interest isn’t clear jailbait? Heaven save us…. We are there. I AGREED with you. I… I don’t think I can ever shower enough…

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