First Look: My Girlfriend is Shobitch

A title card for 'my girlfriend is shobitch'

Alternative title(s): Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bicchi
Manga Adaptation by diomedéa
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It’s a by-the-numbers high-school romance story, with a bunch of typical anime garbage in it. They will try to pretend it’s something different, but they’re lying to you.

colons’ verdict: Either bad or mediocre, I’m not sure which.

I am pretty torn about this show. Not about whether it’s worth watching; it is at best astonishingly mediocre and uninteresting. If all you’re here for is an opinion about whether you should watch this or not, just… don’t. No, I’m torn about where it falls in relation to the other bad shows I’ve had the pleasure of writing first looks of for The Glorio Blog. I can’t tell if it’s simply mediocre or if it’s actual garbage.

Everyone’s favourite character Shit Protag is back. This time he’s a very Nice Guy who nervously ‘confesses’ (🎌) to his dream girl, Nagato from Haruhi. After she agrees to participate in a formal relationship, it becomes immediately clear that she’s just constantly horny, and the rest of the episode is a series of vignettes in which she turns every interaction into an exercise in laying the groundwork for future sexual encounters with Shit Protag.

There’s also Shit Protag’s childhood friend, a girl who is constantly the spanner in the works, jealously defending her ‘friend’ (totally not her brother) from the encroaching romantic interest, which she totally was going to close in on eventually. She does this in various ways; physically, by implying she’s already his girlfriend, and by performing extremely suggestive acts to him in front of her.

Shit Protag’s childhood friend, up to mischief

…except, no, none of this is true. We know by the end of the episode that Nagato isn’t actually super horny all the time, she just wants to be what her research has convinced her is the perfect girlfriend. She’s putting in a lot of effort, it’s just that the research she has done has presumably been on some pretty unsavoury parts of the internet. She is, in fact, extremely nervous about physical contact and intimacy, and is mostly using these research-driven talking points to deflect.

We also know that the childhood friend is genuinely excited that her friend has found someone to be in a relationship with, and wants it to go well. They’re all a bit clumsy about it, but they’re doing their best and almost being kinda cute about it.

That they were willing to subvert these tropes at all is honestly something of a surprise. Case in point: I must admit I was genuinely impressed by the final scene, which was an obvious leadup to a record-scratch lewd punchline, but the punchline never came and the scene closed as a completely in-tact romantic and not gross moment.

It is a shame that the ending credits and the post-credits sequence were… well, what they were. This show is still, after all, determined to be as problematic as possible. There are a lot of details I have omitted here that are difficult to look past, and I would not recommend anyone try.

a pose in a corridor that is not tropey at all

The thing that prevents me from wanting to continue to watch is that even if this show does continue to avoid these tropey pitfalls, all we’d be left with is a by-the-numbers school romance story. That would somehow be even less interesting than the tropey garbage it initially framed itself as. As a result, I’m only really interested in it as a data point.

I am sure this will be answered by the rest of the series. That’s a huge shame. I’m never going to find out. I have better things to watch.

Marlin’s verdict: No Country For Bad Harems

It’s kind of amazing that I can actually see a good idea hidden somewhere in the midst of all this garbage. I think primarily it’s because this show gives me flashbacks to Yamada’s First Time, the amazingly innovated english name of “B Gata H Kei“. In a similar vein, it was a show about a girl who was a virgin but wanted to sexually express herself beyond her experience, leading her to pursue the most boring guy in class. The problem with this show is that it’s mostly from the boring guy’s experience, which ruins any possibility of showing nuance or realistic vulnerability in the lead. A lot of the comedy of Yamada was the fact that they’d go into her messed up head and look at the thought process that lead her to her current motives or actions. Here, Nagato just says a bunch of random sexually charged phrases with literally no context and no punchline. I can’t imagine how this could be entertaining, as the main character is literally one of the most boring people alive, and this group of haremettes is the least inspired I’ve ever seen. At least in old dumb harem comedies the one-notes were like “she’s a robot” or “She’s a necromancer” or “I came out of a magic portal to get you laid and eat chocolate“. None of that here, as the first two, a fake big sister and a real little sister, natch, play out like nails on a chalkboard. I was hoping for a #HATEWATCH contender, but all we really got was just a boring show.

Euri’s verdict: Barely worth talking about

Don’t make me miss the magic academy shows, Japan. This season has been rife with trashy smut trying to be clever and I just don’t care for it. As colons has already said, this show is trope after trope. The protagonist is a ‘nice guy’, by which they mean he reacts somewhat like a human being when thrown into any of these crazy situations. Besides that, he’s completely devoid of personality. Remember the classic pervy school friend that hangs around with the protag? They’re in this show too, but they’re a girl now so actually it’s totally different. This is the kind of cast we’re dealing with.

The only redeeming part of the show is the realisation that protag’s girlfriend is just trying her best, but don’t get your hopes up if you think that this makes the show okay. If the author was trying to provide a commentary against the kind of stories it’s attempting to subvert, it’s not doing a very good job of it so far. This is still another of those shows that will have some people looking at these characters, the girls in particular, and nodding to themselves while they’re quickly convinced that this is actually how everyone acts.

The jokes fall flat, the characters are dull and there’s no goal to work towards because the girlfriend is always going to be outrageously sexual. If you’re still not convinced, go and watch the opening sequence. It’s one of two occasions in this episode where you get to see protag’s girlfriend with semen on her face.

2 thoughts on “First Look: My Girlfriend is Shobitch

    • This season has had its rough moments. Like I said at the very beginning, I think there’s a kernel of a good idea here, it’s just never gonna see the light of day.

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