First Look: School Babysitters

Alternative title(s): Gakuen Babysitters
Manga Adaptation by Brain’s Base
Streaming on Crunchyroll


After losing their parents in a plane crash, Ryuuichi and his baby brother are taken in by an old woman who lost her family in the same accident. She is the chairwoman of a school and she agrees to take care of the boys under one condition: Ryuuichi must work at the acadamy’s daycare center.

Jel’s verdict: This One’s a Keeper

If there’s anything particularly unique about School Babysitters it’s the fact that it actually addresses the tragic circumstances that led up to the first episode. I feel like most other anime comedies would have completely glossed over that and cut straight to the silly bits. While their handling of the subject might have been just a tad bit melodramatic, it’s effective enough to add a nice emotional center to the sweet, comedic candy shell that most of the scenes deliver.

And so as long time readers may know, C-list comedies with heart are my favorite thing and this seems to really scratch that itch. When the episode closed out with the tough chairwoman turning all tsundere after getting flowers from the boys, I think I was sold. So long as it continues to be about the healing process and not just easy jokes about snot nosed kids, I think I’m on board.

Artemis’ verdict: Sweetly Insubstantial

There’s nothing wrong with the premiere of School Babysitters; it’s easy to watch despite the heavy context, it has a positive feel while not glossing over the tragedy that brought it there, and the cast seems as about as adorable as you’d expect from a show about toddlers and the people who’ve chosen to care for them no matter what else might be going on in their lives. In short, this is a cute but not cloyingly so slice-of-life title, with a bit of light comedy thrown in to help balance things out.

Problem is, I don’t see there being a whole lot of substance going on here either. It’s not that the series lacks depth per se, but simply that I don’t see anything particularly unique or compelling about it; School Babysitters is a perfectly nice show with no real hook, no reason for me to continue watching beyond “it’s sweet so why not.” Ultimately, I suppose I’d just rather watch something more interesting, even if that meant trading off some of the pleasantness as well.

3 thoughts on “First Look: School Babysitters

  1. I’m on the fence with this one. The first episode was far more charming than I expected and I actually kind of liked it, but I also don’t know that there’s enough here to keep me interested for the season. I’ll certainly give it a second episode before deciding.

    • I’m guessing there will be more characters to join the club and that could pad things out a bit. I also think there’s plenty of room to explore the healing process for the boys and the chairwoman. If they can pull that off I think it will be good.

      • If they do explore the healing process, I’ll probably stick around for this one. If it becomes just a normal club comedy thing I’ll probably drop this and move on. Still, I didn’t mind this episode and I was expecting this to be a fairly instant drop so the first episode was much better than expectations.

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