The Roundup: Winter 2018 Cute Anime BATTLE ROYALE Edition

Normally we’d be starting our weekly roundup about now, but as I was getting that organized I noticed a pattern: nearly every new anime worth watching is a cute, innocent slice of life and/or comedy without a whole lot of substance. I don’t mind writing about one or two of those every week, but honestly any more than that would be too much. So to spice things up, we’re going to grab all these sweet and friendly shows and pit them against each other in a fight to the DEATH. Yes, I present to you The Roundup: Winter 2018 Cute Anime BATTLE ROYALE edition!

Each week I will watch every cute series on our list. The best show that week will be safe for the following week. The worst show will be dropped, never to be spoken of again. It’s that simple. So who are the early favorites? Who will get cut in the first round? Start placing your bets now, and we’ll see you next week.

The (tentative) Contestant List:
A Place Further Than the Universe
Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles
Laid Back Camp
Sanrio Boys
Slow Start
Mitsuboshi Colors
School Babysitters
Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san
How to Keep a Mummy
Hakumei & Mikochi

12 thoughts on “The Roundup: Winter 2018 Cute Anime BATTLE ROYALE Edition

  1. Let’s see… Some of the others aren’t out yet, but I have pretty high hopes for A Place Further than the Universe and am not expecting much from Ms. Koizumi or Slow Start.

  2. Expecting good things from Mummy, Colors, and Place Further than the Universe.
    Also expecting Koizumi, Slow Start, and Camp to be some of the first to go.

  3. On all my money, School Babysitters and Hakumei to Mikochi will make it to the end. Haven’t watched either but opinions online seem to be lukewarm leaning to dull, so I’ll say Ms Koizumi and Slow Start will be the earliest casualties

      • It’s second only to Sakura in my favorite premieres of the season, so I have very high expectations for it. Sanrio Danshi also had a very strong second episode, if it keeps that level of character work it has a strong chance of making it to the end in the Battle Royale.

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