First Look: Butlers X Battlers

Alternative title(s): Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari, Butlers: A Millennium Century Story
Anime original by Silver Link
Streaming on Crunchyroll


J is the popular top-grades president of Sparkleboy High… I mean Koyomi Academy. There he is surrounded by an ecclectic band of pretty boys all vying for screen time to the point that no one feels particularly important. However, beneath the surface, J is the guardian of a Blood Spirit who happens to be his sister, though the two have become separated. It’s probably the worst thing I’ve watched all season.

This show pretty much makes fun of itself so I’m not gonna waste too much time making a joke here.

Marlin’s verdict: Butlers X Boring

Not much to see here folks. It sounds like the plotline to some sort of yaoi VN: A pretty boy with a dark and mysterious past now lives in a high school replete with an assortment of sparkly eye candy. He’s apparently the best at everything, but isn’t prideful about it. It turns out, he was really a servant with a tragic back story related to a sister that he seems waaaaaaaaay too into. Reading the description on Crunchyroll’s site, you actually learn more backstory than this entire episode. Apparently, our sullen weirdo was a guardian called a Butler (cause why not), who was transported twenty years into the future. Here, his childhood home is now on the grounds of a prestigious high school, and thus his need to… infiltrate it and become student council president? I guess they do justify it somewhat considering the Student Council at this school has NSA levels of access to private information, including who makes deliveries. This being Japan, that aspect of weirdness isn’t really touched on, but it is kind of nuts to think about out of context. At the end, we finally understand why the English title throws in the X Battlers, as it appears being a butler also makes you a superpowered warrior. It’s all dumb. Don’t waste your time.

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