First Look: Miss Caretaker of Sunohara

Alternative title(s): Sunohara-Sō no Kanrinin-san
Manga Adaptation by Silver Link
Streaming nowhere because at least American licencors have that much dignity.


Aki is a thirteen year old who wants people to take him seriously as a man. He moves to Tokyo to establish his manhood free of preconceptions. For some reason he happens to live in a dorm run by an actual child molester and her obviously abused tenants.

Marlin’s verdict: Winner of the Letourneau Award for Terribleness in Pedophilia

I suppose it was inevitable after all the garbage lolicon shows that poisoned the airwaves in the early part of this decade that some shotacon nonsense would come out too. I will give this the same critique I give to all sexually deviant but not sexually explicit anime: why would people be interested in this instead of just like, looking up actual hentai. There would also be room for exploring this more akin to Scum’s Wish, where a boy pines for an older woman he idolizes, but having him be a 13 year old, still clearly a child by any metric, is super gross. Though, what makes it even worse is how blatantly they explain that she is acting sexually towards him in an exploitative manner, preying upon his innocence and his underdeveloped sexual desires.

I care so little about this show that I didn’t even bother to photoshop the watermarks off of this thing.

It’s kinda a shame that the main character’s personal dilemma is totally ignored, as I think there’s not enough anime that really go into the topic of how to properly navigate ones masculinity without letting it turn toxic or impotent. His age is a formative time for receiving instruction, good or bad, on what it means to be a man. Too often, all we get in anime is really the shell of a man, the actions that make one look manly without the interior trappings of what defines him. The only time I can really think of the both of them being executed well is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which is a show of edge-cases in many ways already. Oh well, enough philosophizing, just don’t watch this show.

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