The Best Anime Shirts of 2018

On the latest episode of The GLORIO Chat, we started discussing the Best Girl category from Crunchyroll’s upcoming Anime Awards and it led to perhaps a more interesting topic: who had the best anime shirts in 2018? We easily came up with a few strong contenders, and I thought it might be fun to put this question out to our audience.

So take a look at our three candidates and then vote for the one you think is best. Of course you can also feel free to campaign for your choice in the comments. The poll will be open for one week and then we will announce the results when the next podcast episode goes up. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, whatever… so long as they vote!

Here are the candidates:

Hinata’s Food Shirts (A Place Further Than the Universe)

Hinata kicked this discussion off with her trademark series of food shirts that she rotates throughout the series. I’m personally a fan of the octupus weiner, I would totally wear that in real life.

Hina’s Word Shirts (Hinamatsuri)

Hina’s simple text only shirts start off with words that seem a bit too convenient for the situation, then evolve into practically sentient entities that predict her feelings. Is this one of her psychic powers, or does she just have a very deep closet? We may never know.

Ash’s Logo Shirts (Pokemon Sun & Moon)

As someone with a background in graphic design, I’m very much in love with the minimalist style of Ash’s Pokemon themed shirts. He may not have aged in 20 years, but his fashion sense sure has matured. Also, one of the shirts is a surfing Pikachu.​

6 thoughts on “The Best Anime Shirts of 2018

    • I found out they made official versions of Hinata’s prawn and octopus weiner shirts, so I might have to put my money where my mouth is and find one of those.

  1. I voted for Hinata’s food shirts mostly because of how much I love Yorimoi… But honestly, my real choice is one that didn’t make your list, Prince’s “protest” shirts in Run With the Wind.

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