First Look: Afterlost: Where I End and You Begin

Alternative Title(s): Shoumetsu Toshi
Game Adaptation by Madhouse
Streaming on Funimation


Takuya, a mysterious professional courier who will deliver anyone and anything for the right price, accepts the job of escorting Yuki, the mysterious lone survivor of a mysteriously disappeared city, back to the only home she knows. However, a mysterious agency seems hell bent on obtaining Yuki for their own mysterious purposes, and together, Takuya and Yuki will have to unravel the mystery of the lost city before anyone remembers they’re supposed to care.

Artemis’ verdict: Vespawreck

I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting from Shoumetsu Toshi, but it certainly wasn’t this level of boredom. I actually breathed a sigh of relief when the episode ended – not because it was so bad as to be offensive, but because I was having serious problems paying attention by somewhere around the halfway mark. The premiere seemed very much as though it was trying extremely hard to be mysterious – and in the process, made me feel not only bemused but also utterly disinterested in any message it might have been attempting to convey. You can’t force ambience, and I think this is where Shoumetsu Toshi’s biggest problem ultimately lies.

It also looks surprisingly cheap. Madhouse is always a bit hit and miss, especially these days, but I feel like I can nearly always count on them to make their shows at least look competent. Despite the fairly bright colour palette though, Shoumetsu Toshi looks unappealingly flat and bland, and the music is weirdly forgettable to boot. Overall, this get a resounding ‘meh’ from me.

Jel’s verdict: One Punch Man died for this…

…that is the easy, lazy verdict as all of anime fandom complains about the drop in quality of that show after switching studios to J.C. Staff from Madhouse. One look at Shoumetsu Toshi/Afterlost and you might think One Punch Man was better off. Before we even get to the story elements, it looks like hot garbage. The mix of chunky animation, low detail character models, and bad CG feels strangely reminiscent of an amateur vocaloid music video circa 2010. It’s tough to watch.​

Plot wise I thought they were going for some conspiracy theory sci-fi thriller thing but then they go full action anime on us with super power dudes flying all over the place. Having the main girl summon her allegedly dead friend like a stand and then using some kind of Unlimited SMG Works attack “sounds” cool on paper but it all looks so laughably bad I can assure you it is not. To sum things up, the show is ugly and the story is probably a lot less intelligent than it thinks it is, seems safe to skip this one.​

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