Legend of the GLORIO Heroes Episode 26: We’re gonna meet at the 7-11 and I’m gonna take my shirt off

We continue across the sea of stars, where Gee and Iro watch the seminal 1988-1997 Legend of the Galactic Heroes OVA a few episodes at a time. Keep an eye out for this podcast between main installments of The GLORIO Chat as we work our way through the history books.

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Opening Song: Sea of Stars
Interlude Song: Fourth Battle of Tiamat (Bolero composed by Maurice Ravel)
Ending Song: Crossing the Bridge of Light (Orchestral Version)

Show Notes

This installment covers episodes:

  • 73. The Edict of the Winter Rose Garden
  • 74. The Long Road Ahead
  • 75. Rolling Thunder

01:53 – Episode 73

02:50 – The No-Fun Trio’s Bizarre Adventures

04:15 – RIP Bucock

06:30 – Cazerne and Hortense

08:05 – Poplan and Schneider, a rare duo

10:30 – Lebello Overthrown

13:25 – Unconditional Surrender

16:43 – Bittenfeld is just inherently funny

18:20 – Cool Dudes

22:20 – The End of the FPA

29:13 – Episode 74

33:20 – Reinhard’s Temperament (Mid-City High School AU)

37:33 – Meanwhile on Iserlohn

41:00 – Karin talking to daddy

44:33 – Important Business

45:45 – Poplan is an alright guy

48:20 – Earth Cult and Phezzan

51:10 – Yang Wenli’s internal conflicts

59:20 – The Letter that Stopped 10 Million Soldiers

59:55 – Episode 75

1:01:50 – Bruckdolf

1:05:08 – Fuck Lang

1:08:05 – Mittermeyer not happy with the situation

1:11:11 – Reuenthal not helping his case

1:18:30 – The Fateful Night

1:23:00 – It was Oberstein’s fault!!

1:31:18 – Noted Renaissance Man Mecklinger

1:34:30 – Closing Thoughts

1:40:23 – Housekeeping

And don’t forget that Legend of the Galactic Heroes is available for streaming on HIDIVE!

One thought on “Legend of the GLORIO Heroes Episode 26: We’re gonna meet at the 7-11 and I’m gonna take my shirt off

  1. I actually had a different conclusion to the Schönkopf Karin talk. First Schönkopf said that “Life is too short to embrace a woman I don’t love.” Which does seem to imply he didn’t love Karin’s mom but the second line “A woman’s life is too short to be embraced by a man she doesn’t love.” Does imply that he did love her mother but she didn’t which come to think of it is why it took so long for Karin to find Schönkopf. Mom didn’t tell her until she was at her deathbed.

    You guys mentioned a while ago about fire emblem/bioware character sheets and Ruenthal openly declaring that being a rebel is an honor for a warrior like him in this turbulent era and saying he would be a bad father and being really gung ho about aborting the pregnancy really encapsulates his character down to his mommy issues.

    I’d like to point out the Bittenfield during the trial got seated at the back and given how there was space is a deliberate point to make that despite his technically impressive battlefield achievements and being one of the original Reinhard admirals, he’s still not good enough to be at the top portion of the admiral totem pole. He also displayed that excessive loyalty which the show previously showed with julian as something that should be avoided when he talked about going after the families of those assassins. It’s funny to see Reinhard be the one to reign in the hothead.

    The current Reinhard HQ in Heinessen was noted to be a museum and it sits in contrast to Lennenkamf taking a hotel for his. When you’ve just taken over some place ordinarily you would assume the conqueror would stay at the old seat of power but the FPA aesthetic clashes with imperial taste so much a museum is the closest thing and this is even with Reinhard being adverse to goldenbaum decadence so much the old imperial palace funnily enough got turned to a museum.

    Of the many things the El Facil government has done against Yang. I find the head being a jerk about Yang not pulling the trigger and killing Reinhard the most excusable. It’s a complaint against Yang that everyone in the FPA has a right to bring against him even if we can see that Yang being forced into choosing at all is but an indirect way that reveals the FPA being corrupt. Yang even acknowledges it when he said those soldiers that died trying to get within shooting distance of Reinhard’s ship weren’t fighting for his ideals. Bucock made the same statement and I can let some dude furious that some blond brat crushed the FPA his nation some slack. Although as a leader this speaks poorly of his ability. He should have just been upfront about it instead of trying to play it off.

    Yeah I liked Bergengrun too. I think I noticed him back in season two during the diversionary attack at Iserholn being Ruenthal’s number 2. He was that guy who got super drunk when he thought everyone was going to die trying to beat space caesar but Kircheis cured him of his alcoholism using his god powers. The episodes talked about legacy in many forms but it didn’t click for me until this episode that of course someone so morally good and competent as Kircheis would have been mourned by those that served under him and I note Bergengrun and Buro being Kircheis commanders got fast tracked to having just Ruenthal and Mittermeyer as their direct commanders.

    As for Oberstein and the theory that he’s taking in all the hate, I could believe that. Just in the last episode we saw that the Kircheis commanders directed their hate to Oberstein yet by their own theory Reinhard was the one that made the call to disarm Kircheis and yet Oberstein who just advised was primarily blamed. Although it could be said I don’t see Oberstein being able to actually outwardly show regret even if his life depended on it.

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