Legend of the GLORIO Heroes Episode 32: I’ve Been Practicing My Benihana

We continue across the sea of stars, where Gee and Iro watch the seminal 1988-1997 Legend of the Galactic Heroes OVA a few episodes at a time. Keep an eye out for this podcast between main installments of The GLORIO Chat as we work our way through the history books.

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Opening Song: Sea of Stars
Interlude Song: Fourth Battle of Tiamat (Bolero composed by Maurice Ravel)
Ending Song: Crossing the Bridge of Light (Orchestral Version)

Show Notes

This installment covers episodes:

  • 90. Rumbling
  • 91. Budding
  • 92. The Uruvasi Incident

01:10 – DNT is back! But who dual-wields?

05:18 – Episode 90 (Iro forgot to talk about the OP like a fucking idiot)

07:55 – The Incident at Nguyen Kim Hua Park

12:30 – Sitolet is back!

15:50 – Reuenthal continues to not help his case

17:00 – Mecklinger’s Power Tiers (Recording History)

22:30 – Job Truniht is still here

24:45 – Meanwhile at Iserlohn

28:00 – Frederica =(

29:00 – Dinner Party

30:25 – The Earth Cult schemes are depressingly plausible

36:40 – Iro also forgot about the ED because he’s total scum

37:46 – Episode 91

39:00 – Reinhard’s hobbies are boring

44:25 – Rubinsky’s Forest Glade (and his plans I guess)

48:20 – How closely is Rubinsky working with the Earth Cult?

50:09 – Do not underestimate Hildegaard von Mariendorf

53:15 – Iro forgot the name of the battle from the end of Season 2 because he’s a terrible person who would be better off dead

55:42 – The Rumor Mill

56:52 – What is Oberstein’s play here?

1:00:20 – Neither Reuenthal nor Reinhard can help themselves

1:03:20 – Bittenfeld please

1:06:20 – Mittermeyer and Mueller trying their best

1:09:55 – Even Hilda missed it

1:12:54 – Episode 92

1:14:25 – Daaaaaaamn!

1:15:55 – Julian’s new role

1:19:30 – The Uruvasi Incident

1:27:17 – Narrative Rules (RIP Lutz)

1:36:00 – What’s going to happen next?

1:43:07 – Housekeeping

And don’t forget that Legend of the Galactic Heroes is available for streaming on HIDIVE!

4 thoughts on “Legend of the GLORIO Heroes Episode 32: I’ve Been Practicing My Benihana

  1. Why is it difficult to accept that Reuenthal is a perfect balance between Yang & Reinhard, though? Everything we see from him in his professional capacity proves it true, he’s certainly the most capable Imperial general, with skills more well-rounded than even Reinhard’s. It’s just that beneath all that he’s a hopelessly messed up person which, as we also see all the time, regularly undermines everything positive that he has going for him.

    • tbh mostly because beneath all that he’s a hopelessly messed up person which, as we also see all the time, regularly undermines everything positive that he has going for him

      • Well yeah, but his brand of messed up is not the kind that would interfere with his prowess as a general. If anything, it makes him better. Just don’t let him have time for navel-gazing, especially if Mittermeyer is not around.

  2. The 4th opening gets an A for effort for me. That poor woman tries her best but I agree I like the 3rd the best.

    The riot was interesting to me in that it seems so typical that the establishment fear of the people they rule over actually trying to exert even an ounce of political will would get them to deploy their goons. We even get confirmation that none in Ruenthal’s staff or Ruenthal himself think the rally would be dangerous but still they can’t not send people in. And its that thing where they were there in enough numbers to agitate a crowd orchestrated or not but in low enough numbers that the shooting was practically inevitable the moment a riot happened. 200,000 people vs 10,000 soldiers such lopsided numbers practically doomed any effort at non-lethal riot fighting. It was kind of neat seeing that one Empire goon in the crowd having a backpack that sprayed some sort of gas as probably some sci fi riot gear.

    I suppose its that fear that’s been drilled into us since day one that the common people as a mass are roving hordes. Their very existence is a danger that should be feared instead of an expression of the people’s will removed of any of the typically collared liberal democracy sanctioned political acts. In the show this act was done by the Empire but I don’t really see the FPA doing anything different had they lasted long enough to face a people rejuvenated and eager to believe in democratic ideals.

    It is funny that the previous episode you guys were asking why is Yang’s death not galvanizing the former FPA people more against the empire his actual death by Terrism not withstanding and ask wonder what’s this Park Incident about.

    I wonder had Reinhard been the one to make the call would he have just ignored the rally and not deployed his men? He is cut from the same cloth as Ruenthal but he’s not an exact copy.

    I don’t see Mecklinger not being friends or close enough with Yang as somehow making him an unreliable historian in anyway. I mean the vast bulk of historians are literally hundreds or thousands of years away removed from their work and they are can make conduct themselves just fine. Bias is a problem but from his personality Mecklinger seems like the type to be able to rein in most of it just as Julian despite being closest to Yang after Federica is capable of reining in his innate Yang love from ruining his attempts at being objective.

    You guys also got me wondering what did Oberstein do last season and I initially didn’t remember any significant things until I remembered he was the one that convinced Len to do his dirty work that kicked off a series of events that was the main focus of the last season and he got away with it too.

    I am in the camp that believes Oberstein wishes and actively working for Ruenthal’s removal but I think the civil war option was a last choice thing. Originally he was going for a contain Ruenthal and keep him close what with the wild animal in a cage metaphor. This would fall in line with his previous attempts at reducing Kircheis’ influence. He stated that he does not wish to purge Kircheis but just keep him at a Season 1 Ruenthal or Mittermeyer level of influence. Reinhard did practically everything he could to make Ruenthal the next credible threat. I meant think about it, if the Reinhard is going to die young theory is true then that means fighting a civil war asap is in the empire’s best interest as it gives Reinhard more time to rebuild. Worse what if Reinhard dies and then Ruenthal rebels?

    Bittenfield manages to display his absolute loyalty and dedication to MEIN KAISER in the middle episode even off the battlefield.

    Lutz was actually a bit sly when asking Reinhard because he specifically mentions wanting to visit his SISTER and of course Reinhard caves in and lets him come along.

    Poor Kempf and Len, they were part of the OG Reinhard Admiral group but Kempf didn’t have a high enough rank to reach fleet admiral because instead of the double promotion posthumously he just got one and Len didn’t die in the field. The planned fortresses might be called Iserholn class but they seem so radically different from the two Iserholn class forts we’ve seen. They had distinct cone shape. Is this what Iserholn actually looks like without the liquid metal ocean covering its surface?

    Uruvasi is actually been mentioned a few times. It was the main Empire base for the first operation ragnarok and was formally turned over to the empire in the first peace treaty. Presumably given its location it aside from Ale Heinessen had the biggest empire garrison. Len as governor presumably had his fleet close by and Steinmetz was the garrison commander of Uruvasi with his fleet.

    Episode 92 like the last episode last time had this feel of a retelling of events in bombastic empire fashion for internal empire consumption. I made sure to check and Reinhard went through those FPA books in less than an hour. 50 mins tops. Proof of the GLORIOUS intellect of the Kaiser. There was that car chase too. It was a quick scene but Muller managed to shoot two times and take out a car like it was nothing. Didn’t even look back as the explosion happened. There was also that assassin guy that was run over by the car then gets his arm run over by the last escort car crashing into the barricade THEN he gets killed in the explosion. I think Muller getting wounded in the back taking a laser or two for the Kaiser in the car does set up that some times lasers don’t go through people but I believe the relative strength of logh lasers, power armor and stuff is a tiny bit inconsistent though I haven’t paid attention too much even after all the rewatches.

    There was also that scene in that car where Reinhard was having the time of his life with people trying to kill him and the wind blowing his hair in a wavy and magnificent fashion.

    The best part though was in the forest. These shifty no good assassins finally mustered their meager courage provided by their superior numbers (by a tiny bit shh don’t pay attention to that) to confront the Kaiser and Reinhard is repeatedly pushing Muller aside as the poor man tries desperately to do his duty and protect Reinhard while Reinhard tries to reenact that Napoleon anecdote where he shows himself to the enemy troops asking who has the balls to pull the trigger. You can see Muller to the left side giving this really uncomfortable look as Reinhard ask who has the guts to shoot him. And then the there’s an explosion to the side that forces everyone except THE GLORIOUS KAISER to look away. The show even took the time to make sure Reinhard’s eyes only stared unblinkingly at them and all the explosion did to him was make his hair wavy.

    And then more of the assassins show up and we learn that their motive is merely BASE greed. Yet the Kaiser is so charismatic that one of them repents and switches sides again. I think instead of Muller tanking a laser you guys should focus on the bigger glaring incredulity. The two sides were very close a few feet at most and they exchanged fire multiple times and yet everyone on Reinhard’s side lived and the other side had the larger caliber weapons. Of course the guy that switched sides in the very next scene dies because a traitor cannot be shown to have profited. At most he redeems himself through death and isn’t it nice Mein Kaiser promoted him before so his double promotion will be in effect a triple promotion how generous of the Kaiser.

    The actual meat of the issue is that even if Ruenthal didn’t plan this he is still guilty because this was his turf and responsibility a big garrison of men under his command are actively trying to kill the Kaiser. Very bad look. This is legitimate reasons to accuse him of incompetence and sack him from his job and put him on trial.

    Bye Lutz you were one of the OG admirals to the point you were in the very very first admiral group Reinhard formed when he had authority to assign admirals to his fleet. Like you guys I had a hard time trying to tell the difference between Lutz and Wahlen but between Wahlen’s arm and this episode the show was kind enough to help me remember which is which. Since in universe realism has been brought up I’d like to raise another thing. Lutz went through ammo really fast. Like shoot five times and immediately reload fast. I suppose the few times the scene shifted to all the assassins we are to assume Lutz was blasting away but still.

    Oh yeah that final long talk between Lutz and everyone as more assassins neared and then that stately almost funereal march away from Lutz’s last stand. Lmao.

    Merkatz might have started his opinion on Ruenthal’s ability with power levels disguised as ranks but he did flat out say the one thing Ruenthal can do to have a chance given the disparity in power. No two front wars and fight Reinhard with attrition.

    Shout to Ghost Yang refusing to actually speak in silent affirmation that the Iserholn group will have to decide for themselves.

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