First Look: Outburst Dreamer Boys

Alternative title(s): Chūbyō Gekihatsu Boy
Manga Adaptation by Studio DEEN
Streaming on HIDIVE


Mizuki Hijiri is just a normal girl with conjunctivitis or something. She’s just transferred to a new school and has caught the interest of a notorious group of delusional do-gooders. Despite their immature behaviors, it seems they may be on to something when Mizuki comes under attack.

Marlin’s verdict: Too Much of a Bad Thing

While animation quality and personal maturity are obviously the only things separating my opinion between this show and KyoAni mid-card Love, Chuunibyo, and Other Delusions, I was struggling for a while to explain exactly why this show is a lot worse than Jel’s cult-favorite weirdo comedy This Art Club Has a Problem!. Both essentially get their premise from the idea that the main character is a normal girl forced to interact with a cadre of different weirdos. What I came to eventually is that by the end of episode one the show still hadn’t established the characters as real human beings. While by the end of Art Club’s first episode, the weirdo has a real conversation with the heroine and there feels like a genuine connection between the two, in Outburst, even the help the boys give Mizuki is still framed wholly in their one-note personalities. If it had a few more good jokes, I honestly could stomach giving it a chance, but as is, there isn’t enough promise to encourage me to continue on with it.

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