First Look: Kandagawa Jet Girls

Anime Original by TNK
Streaming on HIDIVE


“Jet Racing”, a sport where young women race jet skis and shoot each other’s clothes off, is all the rage in Japan these days. Rin Namiki is determined to become a jet racing champion, just like her mother years ago.

Jel’s verdict: Watch Keijo!!!!! Instead

With no prior research before watching, I figured Kandagawa Jet Girls was going to be another boring club show except this time they do jet skiing. NOPE. This is a sports themed fan service show that smashes anime T&A in your face with reckless abandon. Sure, the sport lends itself to plenty of exposure, but even in the daily life scenes you get random boob zooms and skirt flips that defy both physics and logic.

So it’s at this point I am obligated to do my rant about how to pull off horny shows like this: Be honest with your objective. Rather than resorting to creepy voyeur cam angles and humiliation, any skin shown should make sense in context and presented in a way that isn’t demeaning, relatively speaking. I don’t think any of these shows get away completely clean, I’m just saying there are levels to this. Also important, don’t do explicit nudity with underage girls. Ever.

The first episode of Kandagawa Jet Girls fails at all of this, culminating in a scene where one of the girls gets uhhh… penetrated by a laser beam? That’s as delicately as I can explain it. Needless to say I’ll be skipping this one, and you probably should too.

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