The GLORIO Chat Episode 58: Spring 2020 First Impressions

In one of our longest episodes ever, the crew tries to tackle all the notable shows from the Spring 2020 season.

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by BRADIO

Show Notes

2:49 Kaguya-sama Love is War season 2 and brief tangent on how COVID-19 is impacting anime

8:02 Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise season 2

13:47 Digimon Adventure reboot

21:22 Sakura Wars

28:36 Princess Connect! Re:Dive

30:20 Shadowverse

34:48 Gal and Dino

41:10 Tower of God

48:25 Gleipnir

55:39 The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED

1:06:49 Arte

1:13:48 My Next Life as a Villainess – All Routes Lead to Doom

1:19:33 Sing “Yesterday” For Me

1:26:14 Wave, Listen to Me!

1:36:24 BNA: Brand New Animal

1:50:24 Listeners


2:12:30 What is your favorite show of the season featuring Kakushigoto

2 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 58: Spring 2020 First Impressions

  1. – Since they brought Omnimon in this early that mean they gonna drag the Royal Knights into this too. What are their obsessions with those guys anyway? Like it seem like after their debut every digimon series and media have to have them as major characters.
    – About the villainess in Otome games, it actually not a common thing. Most Otome games focus in the boys and their drama while the MC is there to be self-insert so there usually don’t ahev room for other female characters . The villainess trope probably come from shoujo, soap opera and fairy tales (evil stepmom, step-sisters, half-sister,…).

    • God, anything but the Royal Knights. Having them means Yggdrasil and that means a one way trip to garbled nonsense plot.

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