First Look: Monster Girl Doctor

Alternative title: Monster Musume no Oisha-san
Light Novel Adaptation by Arvo Animation
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Glenn and Saphentite, a human and a lamia, are two doctors who treat a variety of different species. Despite their professionalism on the job, this is an anime so things get horny quickly.

Euri’s diagnosis: Light Novel

Arvo Animation, creators of groundbreaking anime such as We Never Learn: BOKUBEN, and… the sequel to that show. I don’t want to rib too hard on a studio that’s only been around for a few years and likely doesn’t have the credentials to acquire properties that are not shit, but it doesn’t make this an easier watch, either.

Especially when, on paper, Monster Girl Doctor‘s premise isn’t so bad. Doctors whose patients are all sorts of intelligent species makes for an interesting concept, if the show is willing to put the work in, anyway. Tell me about the ailments common to minotaurs and what their treatment looks like. Show us how a centaur can cope with an injury in ways that differ from how humans would.

Instead, we see the Glenn grabbing a minotaur’s breasts and ears while she moans in pleasure, which is apparently to determine whether or not she’s pregnant. The centaur segment of the show was less lecherous and more boring, given that the issue there was just horse adjacent. The show does manage to get the young centaur lady to scream ‘be gentle’ though, because that’s the kind of show we have here.

Now, you can’t blame Arvo Animation for the content of these light novels, but they don’t look good either. Glenn is completely dull, and looks like a character that was quickly scribbled in the back of a notepad during school. Saphentite is a lamia – there’s literally no excuse to not have her look interesting, yet they somehow manage to fail here too. We’ve got thinning Celia Mae for hair, and an upper torso that’s impressively both too busy and completely uninspiring. Her tail is also conveniently out of shot in a lot of scenes that don’t use it as part of a goof.

There’s also some bad CGI, from the pixies we see in the doctor’s office at the start of the show, to vehicles and side characters. It’s used sparingly, which you’d think would be a positive, but it only really serves to draw attention to how bad it looks when it does show up. Credit where it’s due though – they do put it to good use with the centaur characters, using traditional animation for the front half of the centaur and CGI for the back.

That’s about all the credit I can give this show, though. Spend your time elsewhere, even if there are few offerings this season. Heck, if it’s monster girls that you want, there are better shows out there for that, too.

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