First Look: The Case Study of Vanitas

Alternative title(s): Vanitas no Carte
Manga Adaptation by Bones
Streaming on Funimation


In an alternate history industrialized Europe where vampires are an acknowledged social minority, the eponymous Vanitas is a doctor in possession of the ancient “Tome of Vanitas”, named after the ancient vampire Vanitas, which makes him the heir to Vanitas. Teaming up with disgraced vampire Noé Archiviste, Vanitas uses the power of the Tome of Vanitas in order to cure vampires of metaphysical sicknesses affecting their True Names.

Iro’s verdict: Aggressive Shrug

This show inspired nothing within me other than apathy, though I do not consider myself as having any particular affection for most of its core genre elements. If you have an intense love for Bones’ previous ikemen shows like Bungo Stray Dogs or Sk8 the Infinity, you’ll be right at home here. If you’re here for the queerbaiting, steampunk European setting, and Yuki Kajiura soundtrack, might I recommend 2017’s Princess Principal instead?

2 thoughts on “First Look: The Case Study of Vanitas

  1. It’s not queerbaiting.
    They both have female loves interests (even show a straight kiss later)

    Is Naruto queerbaiting too? 2 males have to be gay and not straight/ Bisexual?

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