First Look: I, Tsushima

I, Tsushima - Title card

Alternative title(s): Ore, Tsushima
Manga adaptation by Fanworks and Space Neko Company
Streaming on YouTube (TV)/YouTube (WEB) (English subtitles are available)


There’s a cat that speaks with a deep voice who joins an old lady with a few other cats who they call Ojii-chan. That’s it, that’s the plot. What were you expecting from 1 minute long episodes?

I, Tsushima - Big cat

Peter’s verdict: Cat Team Epic

When reviewing the first episode of an anime, it can be quite tricky to see where a show will go in future episodes. This is especially the case for anime with episodes shorter than the typical 24 minutes. I, Tsushima has roughly one minute long episodes, so I’m not expecting it to get especially complex, but it’s also unclear if the jokes will just get repeated and go stale. That being said, for one minute long episodes, you’re not exactly losing a lot of time to it.

There are actually two I, Tsushima series running in parallel, one on TV and one exclusively on YouTube (described by Asmik Ace as “TV Animation” and “WEB Animation”). Both are largely the same format of hyper-realistic cat Tsushima voiced by Ootsuka Akio, along with a couple of other cats, act rather human but also catlike and sorta abuses their owner “Ojii-chan”, who’s actually a woman. I’m hoping the cats misgendering isn’t a running gag, but it’s one of about 5 in the one minute episode, so I have no idea.

I, Tsushima - Ojii-chan

And that’s what this show is; a few quick jokes of a cat acting human. You can get that doubled if you watch both the TV one and the web one, as they do have different jokes in, although the animation style is significantly different. The style and humour does remind me of Pop Team Epic or Gal & Dino somewhat, and with Space Neko Company being involved in this too, that makes a lot of sense. Otherwise, there’s not a lot to say about it except the art style is amusing and I hope the jokes are varied enough to make me not want to drop a one minute long episode show.

I, Tsushima - Actually a woman

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