First Look: The Vampire Dies in No Time

vampire 1

Alternative title(s): Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu
Manga Adaptation by MADHOUSE
Streaming on Funimation


The great vampire hunter Ronaldo confronts the legendary vampire Dralc, only to discover he’s a total pushover. Somehow this leads to Dralc joining Ronaldo’s vampire hunting agency, and a very odd buddy cop duo is born.

vampire 2

Jel’s verdict: Kill me… WITH LAUGHTER

There is a very specific brand of loud, fast-paced, and extremely stupid anime comedy that I love. You know, the ones where they’re always yelling EHHHH?!?!?!?. In the first episode of The Vampire Dies in No Time, it only takes about 45 seconds to drop the first EHHHH?!?!?!? and I think it’s safe to label it as one of those kinds of shows.

At the heart of everything is Ronaldo, the frustrated straight man, playing off Dralc as the air-headed goofball. If this were a proper manzai routine, Ronaldo would hit Dralc with a fan on the punchlines. Instead, Dralc dies and turns to dust at the appropriate moment. This happens a LOT, hence the title of the series. I immediately wondered if this gag had enough legs to carry an entire series, but I feel they did a good job applying the format to a variety of jokes.

vampire 3

The key factor for keeping the jokes fresh is the decision to set this in present day. It results in bits like the duo chasing around a bratty kid on a razor scooter threatening to post about them on social media. Having these two idiots crash their way through various modern scenarios works well in the first episode, and I think it can have enough legs to go the distance. There are also dashes of random absurdity, like John the armadillo familiar. Let’s get more of him.

Having said all that, filling a single episode with solid jokes is one thing, doing it for an entire series is another. I’ve seen plenty of these shows flame out after a few episodes, even after a promising start. I also understand these kinds of comedies are a bit of an acquired taste. They are an assault on your eyes and ears that not everyone can get into. But if you’re like me and you enjoy this kind of high energy nonsense, you might be on board with this.

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