First Look: The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

Alternative title(s): Tensei Ōjo to Tensai Reijō no Mahō Kakumei
Light Novel Adaptation by Diomedéa
Streaming on Crunchyroll



Anisphia, the first princess of the Kingdom of Palettia, has always loved magic, but couldn’t use it herself. So, in comes science with a bit of fantasy to help, particularly with her dream of wanting to fly. After a flying mishap, she ends up crashing her brother’s dramatic break up with his then fiancée Euphyllia, who was being lumbered with various lies as justification for the break up. Anisphia saves her from further abuse and the pair work together to restore her good name. Also it’s an isekai, but don’t worry about that, it adds nothing to the plot.


Peter’s verdict: A whole new world

Once again, another show where the isekai element really has no reason to be there. I swear, is there a fund somewhere that gives extra cash or tax breaks if you work in isekai elements into a work? Like how the American millitary gives money to films that involve attacking aliens or at least has a “millitary hero” that saves the day, etc.

Anyway, this show starts off pretty fun. We’ve got crazy overpowered girl Anisphia “Anis” Wynn Palettia who rejects being saved by a guy cos she can handle herself, she’s royalty, but royalty can use magic and she can’t. So instead she uses cRaZy ToOlS to do stuff (quite why people keep calling knives and brooms “crazy tools” is beyond me, but I guess any tool is unusual when normally people can just wave hands and do magic). We are introduced to Anis’ dream of wanting to fly more than anything, so she’s trying all sorts of tools, etc to try and fly, much to everyone else’s frustration at Anis getting injured pretty regularly from her efforts for such a childish dream.


Meanwhile, Anis’ younger brother Algard “Allie” Von Palettia is the crown prince because Anis gave up her right to the throne (I think it’s implied it’s due to her lack of magic powers, unclear at the moment). He’s due to marry Euphyllia “Euphie” Magenta for the sake of politics, but is clearly not interested in her and resents the marriage, culminating in the very public terminating of the engagement at a gathering with various lies about her threatening to kill his actual love interest Lainie Cyan, who is a commoner-turned-noble, etc.

Anyway, Anis crashes the party, works out the situation in about 30 seconds, and then takes Euphie on her now (mostly) working magic broom with a declaration of wanting to “take her for herself”.



Very fun first episode. Absolutely watching more. I did a quick look at Wikipedia to get character names and stuff and it describes Anis as “an out of closet lesbian” so this isn’t an All Routes Lead to Doom scenario where the protagonist is oblivious to their yuri side (FYI I do not recommend reading the Wikipedia article though due to various spoilers for stuff that doesn’t happen in episode 1). I am very much looking forward to episode 2 and beyond, and expect this to be a very fun show.


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