First Look: Ningen Fushin: Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World


Alternative title: Ningen Fushin no Boukensha-tachi ga Sekai o Sukuu You Desu
Light Novel Adaptation by Geek Toys
Streaming on Crunchyroll


After being dumped by his party, Nick finds himself struggling to make the money he needs to support his newfound idol obsession. He comes across three other adventurers with trust issues, and they decide to form a party together.

Euri’s verdict: Nah

Is there really such a huge demand for shows like this, that focus on a party of “unconventional” adventurers? I use scare quotes precisely because there’s nothing unconventional about it at this point – I feel like I’ve seen this exact protagonist in numerous other shows. Nominal bonus points for not shoehorning an isekai story in here, I guess.

As for Ningen Fushin in particular, I was surprised to find myself largely indifferent come the halfway point. Still very much not my kind of show, but it wasn’t being skeevy, setting up a harem or describing how cool and edgey the protagonist is – and I guess I appreciate that at the bare minimum. Also, and perhaps this isn’t a big deal and isn’t done as rarely as it feels, but it was nice to see a man in the cleric role and a woman as the vanguard.


But that’s about where my praise ends for this one as the show dives headfirst into the cleric’s backstory, where he recounts being thrown in jail after a young girl accuses him of sexual assault for not reciprocating her feelings. The show makes it clear that it’s a false accusation, but forgive me for not trusting a show like this to handle such subject matter correctly. I certainly can’t say I’m a fan of throwing something like that in here to be used as 5-minutes of backstory. Consider it a warning, at any rate.

Putting that plot point aside, Ningen Fushin is fine. I suspect that the adventures of these four outcast losers will find its fans, so for them I hope that if it continues to push into heavy topics, it at least handles them well. I also hope that the person in charge of the storyboards learns to tone down the Dutch angles, because boy are they all over the place.


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