Sword Art Online II Episode 6

As he narrows down the identity of DEATH GUN, Kirito recalls a traumatic experience from his SAO days. After winning his next round, he faces off with Sinon in their final qualifying round.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episode 5

Nozaki’s editor stops by, leading to horror stories about his obnoxious previous editor and a meeting with his neighbor, a fellow manga author. After reviewing Nozaki’s upcoming manuscripts, the editor suggests he learn how to see things from the heroine’s point of view. Naturally, Nozaki takes his advice too far.

Sword Art Online II Episode 5

Kirito and Sinon enter the Bullet of Bullets tournament but their relationship goes sour when she discovers he’s a guy. Kirito faces his first round opponent and discovers the harsh realities of… oh who am I kidding? He murders him with ease.

Sword Art Online II Episode 4

Kirito logs onto GGO and tries to prepare for his mission despite his complete lack of knowledge when it comes to guns. He encounters Sinon in town, who helps him choose his equipment.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episode 3

When Chiyo discover’s Nozaki’s background artist visits him late at night, she investigates to see if he’s spending time alone with another girl. While hanging around Mikoshiba, she meets some new friends from the drama club.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episode 2

Chiyo meets Nozaki’s friend and fellow assistant Mikoshiba and learns that Nozaki models his characters on real people. To help out, she introduces Nozaki to her friend Seo who doesn’t quite fit the shoujo manga mold.

First Look: Sword Art Online II

Nearly one year after the Sword Art Online incident, the government recruits Kirito to help investigate a series of mysterious murders. To find the killer he must enter Gun Gale Online, the only MMO in Japan with professional players.

Noragami Episode 7

Bishamon assembles her team to clean up the Vent but can’t seem to put aside her grudge. Yato continues to feel the effects of the blight as Hiyori tries to help patch up his growing rift with Yukine.

First Impressions: Yozakura Quartet ~ Hana No Uta ~

Alternate titles: Yozakura Quartet ~ Song of Flowers ~ Manga Adaptation by Tatsunoko Productions Simulcast pending Premise: Hime Yarizakura (Misato Fukuen) is the young mayor of Sakura Newtown, a homey suburb where humans and Beasts (youkai), humanoid creatures with all sorts of awesome powers, live together in harmony. Together with her friends at the Hiizumi Life Counselling Office,…

Maoyu Episode 11

Each of the Demon King’s students take their turn showing off the fruits of their labor. One of them has a meeting with the Merchant to discuss forcing a dual currency system, while the other leads a battle to protect the Iron nation.

Maoyu Episode 10

Recap: The Winter Kingdom has broken away from the church, forming their own national religion. Meanwhile, the Merchant plots to increase the price of wheat in the central kingdoms.

Blast of Tempest Episode 21

Yes, Aika is the Mage of Exodus. With this information out in the open Hakaze tells all. Despite the brandished swords of the end of last episode, Aika takes it all a little too well, deciding the only way to make things work is to create her death herself. Unable to let such a tragedy occur, Hakaze attempts to kill Aika herself in a mix of rage and sorrow.

Maoyu Episode 9

Recap: The Older Sister Maid takes her place as the Crimson Scholar’s double. She is charged with with being a heretic and beaten in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers.