Maoyu Episode 11


Recap: Each of the Demon King’s students take their turn showing off the fruits of their labor. One of them has a meeting with the Merchant to discuss forcing a dual currency system, while the other leads a battle to protect the Iron nation.

Meanwhile the Demon King finally rises from her slumber, only to be possessed by the evil spirits of past Demon Kings. The Head Maid manages to trap her just long enough for the Hero to arrive.

Funny how the archers in front never fire.

Funny how the archers in front never fire.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: I suppose it’s not surprising that I find the economics more exciting than the action. It was nice to see one of the Crimson Scholar’s students playing hardball with the Merchant. Futures trading to reinvest in another economy and give their currency a boost. The Merchant isn’t such a bad guy after all! Probably…

The war scenes looked kind of silly to my eyes. It was obvious that the animation team was straining to keep up. That said, skilled acting and appropriate use of music, helps make up for the lacking animation and I found myself forgiving the awkwardness of the animation. The worst of it was when the Hero crashes into the Demon Kings palace, it looked more like he ran into a painting on the wall.

Well then, apparently the mage is important after all.

Well then, apparently the mage is important after all.

Seeing the Demon King possessed is tragic. As powerful a blow as killing them off would be, I hope that following through with the themes of this story isn’t going to take the Demon King and Hero out of the picture. The two are such a cute couple and it feels like their romance is just getting started! Will the Demon King and Hero vanish and leave the world in the hands of their students? Or do they both a role left to fill in days to come? I am hoping for the later.

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