Maoyu Episode 9


Recap: The Older Sister Maid takes her place as the Crimson Scholar’s double. She is charged with with being a heretic and beaten in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers.

Unable to wait for rescue at the hands of the hero, the older sister maid shares her story of becoming human with the crowd. Ultimately the crowd is so moved by her speech that they chose to protect her. The Winter King declares the Crimson Scholar under the protection of his kingdom. The Knight gives the Crimson Scholar the title of saint. Unable to arrest anyone, the Messenger is forced to leave the winter kingdom empty handed.

I would be unhappy if my class were "messenger" as well.

I would be unhappy if my class were “messenger” as well.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: “Words alone can make an entire army withdraw.” And the hero didn’t do any saving this week. The maids have been one of the stronger parts of this medieval economics tale. Their story of growing from insects into humans came to fruition with the Older Sister Maid’s story and speech. Personally I think this was the single most powerful moment in the anime yet.

The Winter King is proving himself to be a true hero. This weeks heroics will probably come back to bite him and I can’t help wondering if this will will mean war between the central nations and his kingdom. I suspect the merchants will be up next and I am curious to see how they play their hand. Of course even if things go smoothly for them, we still have a few villains lurking about that need dealing with. It seems we have gained one of those in fact, some blue skinned demon with magical seeing powers. I am not sure how he will fit into things but I am doubtful he wishes to be friendly.

And the hero is nowhere to be seen.

And the hero is nowhere to be seen.

As we close in on the remainder of this story I find myself impressed by how powerful the message is despite the often lacking animation. I am constantly amused by the way the hero never gets to be heroic on screen and instead the real heroes are everyone else. While he stands by ready to strike, people like the Older Sister Maid do their part so wonderfully that he doesn’t have to. Speaking of the Older Sister Maid, she was already a favorite of mine but her resolve in this episode just made her the star of the show in my book. Her part may be over now but it won’t be forgotten any time soon.

2 thoughts on “Maoyu Episode 9

  1. Part of the strength of this franchise, I believe, is that the use of titles rather than names allows one to substitute real world equivalents into any situation.

    For instance, the AFK equivalent of large organisation persecuting an individual to be made an example of for trying to save the world, Aaron Swartz.

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