Maoyu Episode 10


Recap: The Winter Kingdom has broken away from the church, forming their own national religion. Meanwhile, the Merchant plots to increase the price of wheat in the central kingdoms.

War is brewing in the human lands and the Demon King is still missing. The Azure demon race is bent on conquering humanity itself. Will humanity be alright without the guidance of the Crimson Scholar? Will the Hero be able to understand what the Merchant is plotting in time to stop the blood shed?

From Serf to adviser, this girl has come a long way.

From Serf to adviser, this girl has come a long way.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: This episode was almost entirely politics and setup for the final events. As someone who hasn’t experienced this story in any of it’s other forms I am hopeful we are reaching the conclusion and not just a stopping point. This economic fantasy is ripe for conclusion. I can only hope that we are actually going to get one.

The mage got another nod this week. It seems she is the most unimportant piece of the Hero’s old party. I wonder if she has any legitimate role to play in this telling of the story. The bit of back story on the Crimson Scholar before becoming the Demon King was neat. I have to admit that while seeing a pant-less Crimson Scholar lazying around with her hair up in pigtails did serve to make her age difference clear, I can’t help but find it just a tad on the awkwardly kinky side given the fantasy setting but I am not really going to complain much.

In before these two become an item and make Holo and Lawrence old news.

In before these two become an item and make Holo and Lawrence old news.

The Demon King has mentioned that her sins will remain hers. Even before she became the Demon King she was carrying some weight. Despite all the political intrigue and economic manipulation by merchants and bards the thing I am most interested in at the moment is the Demon King and her origins. Just what are the sins she speaks of? She must have been someone important to have a library like that. Perhaps those questions are a bit too deep given the intentional lack of detail to this stories world but I am curious none the less. For now it seems that the future of the human world is in the heroe’s hands. I can’t wait to see how he handles it.

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