Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 17



This week, Team Try Fighters faces Team SD-R, the creepy triplets known for their shrewd tactics and ruthless traps. Presented with an obvious trap that could be easily mitigated by the demonstrated abilities of our heroes, they decide to do the dumbest possible thing anyway.

Gee’s Thoughts

Oh Try, you were doing so well last week. It’s almost impressive how quickly you managed to utterly destroy any momentum you had going for you in under 22 minutes. The first half of this episode is quite literally a clip show, rife with stock footage to the point where you could almost call it a recap episode. Now I understand that for the sake of good fights, sometimes you need to cut the budget in places that are less relevant, but if you’re going to do that, at least make the content somewhat interesting. Instead, what we get more antics from Sekai’s harem and the creepy triplets sitting in a dark room brooding menacingly. It’s all quite tiresome and simply made me wish they’d get to the fight sooner.

Unfortunately, the 2nd half isn’t a whole ton better. With the match taking place in a creepy forest with a castle, it’s quite obvious that Team SD-R is going into this with a distinct advantage. That said, the aforementioned advantage relies on holing up in a castle. Let me repeat that. Three robots are taking cover inside of a castle, planning to ambush three other robots. The latter three need to go inside said castle for the former’s plan to work. Let me remind you, the team in question has a robot who can destroy the fucking moon. Sekai can literally destroy celestial bodies with the Try Burning. Yuuma’s Lighting Full Burnern has at least three beam cannons mounted on it. Fumina’s Star Winning can at least summon funnels and has a giant beam cannon of her own. They have more than enough firepower to level a castle. The entire events of this episode are predicted on the concept that Team Try Fighters is full of the worst tacticians I have ever seen.


Now I understand that this is all for the sake of drama and a good fight. The problem? We don’t even get a good fight out of it. Sekai and Yuuma are locked down for most of the episode, leaving Fumina to carry the weight. In this regard actually, this is probably my personal highlight of the episode. Seeing Fumina get a chance to shine and even be the one responsible for saving the team was highly satisfying. I’m glad that Sunrise seems to recognize that Fumina’s uselessness in the first 2/3s of Try was a tremendous issue. Still, this alone isn’t enough to justify the dreadfully boring events of this week’s episode. Those of you who have watched its predecessor know that the K9 Sniper fight was one of the most tense and exciting fights of the entire show’s run. It was fast paced, deadly, and most importantly, interesting. Comparatively, SD-R’s supposed ruthlessness is a pale shadow. Hell, I’d argue that Team SRSC and their Ez-8s put up a more interesting fight.


And of course, way to invalidate the entire appeal of the team by having them combine into a fucking dragon at the end. Because boy, if there’s one thing that really represents efficient tactics and a penchant for strategy, it’s combining into a single easy target. On one hand, I kind of appreciate that we’re getting two-parter fights. On the other hand, it only further proves just how utterly redundant this week’s episode was. The first half was useless fluff, the second half was merely disappointing. Try really needs to pull this fight out of the gutter, because at this point, it’s a wash.

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