Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 18



Team SD-R’s stupid looking dragon thing proves to be a formidable opponent. When even Sekai’s ridiculous martial arts antics aren’t enough to win the day, it may be time for Fumina to showcase the Star Winning’s secret weapon…

Gee’s Thoughts

Try manages to pull itself out of the dirt once again, culminating in one of the most satisfying conclusions to any fight in the Gundam Build Fighters franchise. After watching such a stunning event though, I’m left with the question: Was it worth it? To expand on that, as you all know from my feelings about last week’s episode, I was not very hot on this fight to begin with. Clumsy execution and internal logical inconsistencies did a great job of destroying my faith in the anime’s ability to even deliver on the one redeeming part of shows like these: Robots beating up other robots.

The first third of this episode continued expound on the problems established by the prior episode. Sekai manages to break out of the ensnarement set by the opposing team with just pure willpower and shouting. Now this isn’t normally something I complain about, but in a show that has basically been carried by Sekai’s ability to break the underlying rules and logic of the show, it’s starting to become an endemic problem of the show itself. However, the worst offense comes right after, when Team Try Fighters manages to escape the castle. Hey remember that thing I said last week? About how they could have just blown up the castle first? Well what a surprise, that they should do that exact thing this week! It’s bad enough that they didn’t do this last week, but to explicitly show that our heroes were capable of it the entire time? I truly wonder if the average writer is really this incompetent or if they genuinely think these are interesting developments.


However, while everything leading up to this moment was a complete and utter disappointment, the fight was redeemed for me in its final stretch. Knocking Sekai out of the fight is quite possibly the smartest thing Try has done in ages. As much as I like the kid, Sekai has represented a lot of the problems that plagues Try as a series. While I understand the dude is the main character, it’s kind of sad how little of the “team” aspect plays a part of Team Try Fighters. Thankfully, taking out Sekai means that we finally get a chance for someone else to shine, this being Fumina. As we all know, Fumina has been getting the short end of the stick for quite a while now, but with the reveal of Star Winning’s Real-Type transformation, I think we’re finally starting to get somewhere. Right off the bat, the transformed Star Winning quickly proves to be one of the most charismatic and enjoyable suits to watch in Try. With W-shaped laser beams, turbine engines, giant swords, and cast-off armor, the Star Winning has truly become a worthy gunpla in its own right. A far cry from its humble and unimpressive origins.


I suppose this is why I asked the question, “Was it worth it?” No doubt the finish of this episode’s fight was a glorious thing to behold, but goddamn did we have to go through hell and high water to get there. The conclusion of this week’s episode also helps my point that last week’s fight was completely redundant. We could have easily just jumped right to the stupid dragon antics and not suffered at all. It seems that Sunrise heard how much people loved the K9 Sniper fight, and thought to themselves, “Oh that means they like militaristic style gunpla” without understanding why we like that style of fight. If you had a Jegan shooting fireballs out of its hands and summoning funnels before revealing its hidden custom Jegan Psychoframe, that doesn’t make the fight militaristic, even if you’re using a grunt suit. It’s the fight itself that makes it good, and the fight against Team SD-R was not good until its final five minutes.

With Sekai’s supposed rival Junya coming up to bat next week, I suppose everything that was established this week is going to be invalidated as we resort back to punching and shouting again. I can only hope that it’s at least a decent fight.

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