Humanity Has Declined Episode 3

Humanity Has Declined Episode 3

Recap: The Mediator is visited by an old “friend” known as Y who is working on a project to preserve human history. Y loses focus on her mission and works to revive a long lost art form, leading to disastrous consequences.

Jel’s Thoughts: Miyuki Sawashiro appears and the show turns into adult Kanbaru Suruga living in a post-apocalyptic future. Do I really need to say anything else? OK fine, on to the serious commentary:

I generally hate when artists create fiction about their industry. You know, songs about writing songs or a novel starring an author or TV shows about making TV shows, that kind of thing. While I understand Humanity is a novel series and the author is primarily know for writing VNs, I couldn’t help but be a little wary when they started digging into a very specific niche of the manga industry. Fortunately, Humanity continues to defy my expectations.

Rather than become the self indulgent rant I was fearing, episode 3 takes a look at a manga sub genre and uses it as an example that could really be applied to any industry. It’s a pretty brutal commentary on the uninspired, copy cat antics of publishers and the fickle, obsessive nature of the fandom. Couldn’t you really say those same things about anime or many other niche interests?

After two episodes of dishing out heavy, politically charged beatings, I was really surprised to see Humanity aim its crosshairs elsewhere. It has a little less impact when they’re going after a much more trivial target, but now I’m curious on what else they could take on. With the Mediator and Y stuck in their current predicament we’ll still be working on this arc, but after that the possibilities seem endless.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Miyuki Sawashiro. Enough Said.

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