Joshiraku Episode 4

Recap: Glasses, trains, and the moon. I’m sure Johnny Carson coulda pulled a Carnac joke out of that somehow.

I am tempted just to leave this clip here and end the review for this episode right here but my good friend Marc over at Japanator already did that and I ain’t about to ape the style of a guy way funnier than I am. Marlin ain’t no ape!… Well, literally I am, but you know what I mean.

This episode was more like it. I was starting to doubt Kouji’s abilities here but this episode was hilarious. The entire glasses scene was brimming with the kind of slapstick antics and random insane asides that made SZS great. The jokes involving Marii still get a little too weirdly raunchy for my tastes, but it was still a pretty good bit.

The train sequence is not one I’m gonna ponder upon too long. It was heavy in japanese punmanship and thus really hard to follow. I do have to applaud whoever is working on these subs. Even in character-heavy jokes like those of this act there has been a lot of great effort to try and conform them to an english language sensibility.

The final act wasn’t quite as hilarious as the first, but it still gave me quite a few laughs. It was also heavy in japanese culture but if you have a cursory knowledge you’ll still get some of the jokes. The absurdist jokes still rang home for me so I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve come to realize watching this show that there’s really only so much I can tell you people without giving away jokes. From now on, any Joshiraku commentary will be tacked on to another show, in a far more truncated format.

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