Campione! Episode 8

Athena's back.. that can't be a good sign.

Recap: Summer vacation at a hot spring in Sardinia! Godou runs off to protect himself from his harem and gets involved in another battle between gods.

Lifesong’s Thoughts
Six Minute beach episode and then we move on like it never happened. So here we are back in Sardinia. Godou’s attempt to escape being violated by the overtly passionate Erica played right into her hands. Erica even managed to get Godou in handcuffs.. for a few minutes anyway.

Miko purity test in progress.

Miko purity test in progress.

Meanwhile Yuri is being molested by the witch of Sardinia who is helping herself to Yuri’s purity.. If this were an eroge I might be worried for Yuri, but thanks to Arianna showing up and spilling milk all over herself the eroticism ends and we can move on with Yuri’s purity intact. Her dignity? well, that’s another issue entirely.

Psst I read the script for the next episode, we make out.

Psst I read the script for the next episode, we make out.

Of course just as the first arc of the story focused on Erica and the second on Yuri, this is Liliana’s time in the spot light. After running away from the witches house Godou bumps into Athena again then they meet up with Perseus and Liliana. Talk about out of the oven into the fire. Thanks to Doni showing up and smashing an ancient artifact a dragon is summoned and with it a hero to slay the dragon appears. That hero is heretic god Perseus.

Athena seems to have taken a liking to Godou which means.. more trouble for Godou. Athen bows out and lets Godou take on Perseus on his own. This formula is getting a little predictable, but manages to bring something new to the table each time so I’m okay with it for now.

I'm Perseus, your sword play is invalid.

I’m Perseus, your sword play is invalid.

Godou’s fight with Perseus reminds me of the fight between Rider and Gilgamesh in Fate/Zero. Why does Perseus have the ability to seal Godou’s authority? My best guess is that Perseus is somehow higher on the god of the sun authoritative bad ass list than Verethragna is.

Some interesting things are going on, join me in watching again next week and see just what tricks Godou will use to get himself out of this one. I will make one prediction, I bet you anything it involves making out with Liliana.

Even for a Campione that has to hurt.

Even for a Campione that has to hurt.

Meet And Compare

A Heraion is basically just a temple dedicated to Hera who was Zeus wife in the Greek pantheon. In the anime it is used to describe an object which is gathering magical energy for some as of yet unknown purpose. My guess is that it has something to do with Princess Alice prophecy but that is just a guess.

Since in the anime the Heraion is an object belonging to a “mother earth goddess” I think it’s fair guess to assume that in the anime the significance of this object is tied to Athena.

Perseus was the hero who slew Medusa in Greek mythology. In Greek mythology he carried gifts from the various gods on his quest to slay Medusa. Sometime after Perseus slew Medusa he gave her head as a gift to Athena who used it as an adornment for her shield which is where the name “Gorgoneion” comes from.

The anime has made a heretic god out of him and given him Pegasus who according to the myth was born from the blood of Medusa after Perseus killed her. I’ll have more to say about him once the anime reveals a few more details about who he is in the world of Campione.

Reality Check

Hot springs in Sardinia
A quick look online informs me that Sardinia does in fact have hot springs like what we see in this episode.

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