Kokoro Connect Episode 8

Recap: Everything falls apart as everyone is frustrated and no one has solutions. Just when it seems everything might be lost, it’s time for our MC to get some pep talks from our favorite alien host and his lecherous class representative.

I was really hoping for more Inaba-related tensions in this episode. However, being ever the coolheaded character she decides now is the best time to take herself out of the game until things calm down. Instead, relative no-show Aoki is called out on his non-involvement in most of the issues by a really douchy Taichi. As tensions flare, frustrations quickly turn violent and Taichi ends up getting unleashed at the worst moment.

Watching these friends tear each other apart and force themselves into isolation was painful. I sympathize with Taichi somewhat, I’ve always felt a chivalrous lifestyle was always the most virtuous path to take. However, Aoki’s concerns were completely valid. There are many solutions that are only temporary, or will only last for the present problem. Taichi’s dealing with Yui’s first mental break is a great example. Taichi, while successful in keeping her calm, was not able to do any lasting improvements when confronted with the new situation.

At first I thought that this entire episode would be the slow devolution of the group’s resolve. It seemed to me the dwindling attendance was going to continue until literally there would be a scene of no one going to club after school. However, when the last half started, I was more worried that we were going to get a horrible cliche. With Taichi helping out the hapless teacher preventing him from going to the club, I thought this would be the catalyst of Iori’s break, feeling betrayed by Taichi for his absence.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out the opposite seemed to be the case. I really enjoyed the talk between Go-san and Taichi. Nomatter what might happen, allowing the status quo to stagnate in a bad  atmosphere is the worst possible option. Even with the risk involved, it’s better for them to talk through their problems than stay isolated. The reaffirming of their wills on the chalkboard after Taichi’s pep talks really brought a warm feeling to my heart.

Speaking of pep talks, I’ve really been warming up to Ms. Class Representative. She’s got that hammy style that I can really grow fond of. It helps that her scenes this week were hilarious and heartwarming. While it is a bit of exploitation the way they’re pinning her as this sex-crazed lesbian tryin’ to score with Iori, her speech this week was a breath of fresh air to what was at the moment an oppressively grim episode. Tachi needs to sack up and fight through the pain and frustration and remember what’s important: his friends and their lives together. The time for a regroup is on the horizon, but with Heartseed coming back to pay a visit, who knows what will happen next.

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