My Little Monster Episode 2

Recap: After Haru up and plants one on Shizuku and acts like nothing happened, the poor girl starts to act funny whenever he’s around (can’t blame her.). Snapping her out of it with a fantastic dumpster-fall is the ditzy Asako, desperately wanting help with her tests. Through her interactions with the troublesome two, Shizuku starts to realize the value of friendship and with Haru, maybe even something mo- HNNNNNNNNNG… sorry I couldn’t hold that in any longer. This episode was great.

Man, this may just be the shoujo bug in me ticking, but My Little Monster might turn out to be the best show of this season. This episode had so much life and the way the story is progressing without the usual season-long tip-toeing is absolutely fantastic. The beginning of this episode is absolutely great. It had a great bit of comedy while also acknowledging that what Haru did was kinda messed up in regards to their relationship dynamic. How is she supposed to react to that?

And yet, Haru continues on as if nothing ever happened. To make matters worse he just keeps acting weirder, this time bringing in a stray rooster to school. To break the tension, and almost her ankle in the process, a ditz named Asako crashes into their lives, desperate for tutelage. Asako brings a bit of charm to this episode, but it’s clear her biggest role is simply to get Shizuku to open up a little. Her act is pretty funny, with her pretentious attitude at first rightly putting off the pair, but slowly gaining their trust as they realize she, too, is just another person who has problems making friends. As Shizuku spends time with the crazy pair, you can really see her grow to appreciate their company, even if she doesn’t want to say it.

I’d like to take some time to have an aside about the japanese education system. First off, why in God’s name are the equivalent of sophomores doing advanced algebra? I suppose this just explains my second question, which pertains to how getting lower than a third of the answers still allows you to pass an exam. That is not good schooling. If they are retaining less than half of what you teach them then you are failing at teaching. I just don’t understand it, and I don’t think I ever will.

The last scene was absolutely fantastic. The sky is painted in this beautiful style so that it never looks like a simple boring fill job. The music builds this great ambiance of tranquility as Shizuku starts to wake up. Haru’s words come out in this sweet tone that belies his true care for her. I could literally feel my heart swell in my chest as I listened to Shizuku think about how her world has changed. As I thought that mood couldn’t get any better, she says her final lines and brings us into the ending totally in love with the show.

Special mention must be given to the chicken song at the end. Its fantastic nuttiness was a great send off to a terrific episode. This show has the potential to be something really great. If they can keep this energy with their fantastic mix of nuttiness and heartwarming scenes I don’t see any reason why that potential can’t be realized.

2 thoughts on “My Little Monster Episode 2

  1. Concerning the advanced algebra, we have to take in mind that Japan’s education is ridiculously hardcore. That said, it’s probably a bit exaggerated. I guess they’re using it just to show how VERY HARD it is and how SMART Haru and Shizuku are.

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