My Little Monster Episode 3

Recap: Shizuku manages to somewhat ruin my mood by doubting her feelings. Haru’s strange reaction doesn’t help matters, either. Before I was consumed by inconsolable rage, a pretty funny chicken coop segment takes my mind off of perceived betrayal, only to have my fears be relieved by another fantastic scene. However, it looks like just as school starts to get normal, Haru’s life is starting to get difficult.

Oh you cannot believe how much of an emotional rollercoaster this episode put me through. After last episode’s confession I was ready to declare my love for this show endlessly. Then, this new episode started up, and a grim idea had crept into the back of my head. As much as this seems to be bucking most shoujo tropes, it was still a shoujo manga. Could I really expect a confession from the leading lady this early without some kind of complication? Then it happened. She said she was lying, and that greatest of shoujo sins had been committed: the character suddenly denying her feelings.

It honestly put me in a bad mood off the bat, which is not what I wanted for this show. Haru’s response to the whole series of events also puzzled the hell out of me. I didn’t understand what was going on, and as soon as I was getting upset, we switch back to the everyday school life full of badass roosters and I started to calm down. There was obviously a bonding experience between the four newfound friends that needed to happen so that we can actually establish them as a group. The end result of their chicken coop quest was hilarious.

This show constantly seems to be running on an edge between funny violence and slightly disconcerting violence, once again showcased by Haru’s treatment of his old friends. I get it, Haru doesn’t know how to interact properly with people, and thus this translates to his handling situations inappropriately with violence, but it’s still  weird that they brush off him slugging people way more than he has any right to be.

Going into the ascent up the stairs I was ready to be resigned to watching a normal shoujo show, and then Shizuku just destroys my assumptions. With another great monologue Shizuku won my heart again. I was stupid to take that last scene at face value because I had neglected to take these characters and their personalities into account. For Shizuku, she was still coming out of her shell, and to expect her to be completely sure of her feelings immediately was presumptive. After some time I could really believe that Shizuku had made up her mind about her feelings towards Haru. On the other side, I forgot how irregular Haru is to begin with. His behavior at any level of social interactions shows he still needs to understand his own feelings for Shizuku and learn to love her the same way she loves him.

It seems that that was the end of the romance driving the plot. At the end we are treated to Haru acting somewhat frightened as he hides from this new character, Yuzan. While this is an anime, and likeness of characters can mean nothing, his character design just seemed too much near Haru’s to be a coincidence. I think he is Haru’s brother, but this is just conjecture at the moment. It’s strange how much menace has been given to him for how unassuming he looks. If he is scary enough to run Haru out of his own home, he must be a huge problem. I suppose only time will tell what kind of history they really have.

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