Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Episode 3

Recap: The drama is being unwrapped, and Sakurasou is quickly subverting the implications of it’s title to become one of the better drama’s in recent anime. Sorata is a bit put-off when he realizes that even Mashiro the eccentric girl he has been taking care of is already an established artist with clear goals, and ambitions.

Caught somewhere between feeling sorry for himself, and wanting to find a place where he belongs Sorata has a talk with Jin, who feeling a bit down himself takes it’s it out on Sorata by calling Sorata out on his desire to leave Sakurasou, promising to take care of Sorata’s adopted cats, and even look after Mashiro if Sorata truly desires to leave.

Obligatory kitty pic.

Obligatory kitty pic.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Sakurasou does not disappoint. At three episodes in I’m questioning why this anime is labeled as a romantic comedy. We have some ecchi antics ensuing at the Sakurasou hall to be sure, but not only is this dorm full of eccentric nut jobs who are more than they seem; Sakurasou is a serious drama about goals, and ambitions. This anime still has some great laughs, but I don’t think anyone is going to debate the drama being the focus here. Also, people really need to stop calling Sakurasou a harem.. it’s not. Harem implies things that are not going on here; Sakurasou is a basic love triangle nothing more. Sorry for ranting about that, but half the people blogging this show keep calling it a harem and it’s a discredit to this anime’s already eyebrow raising title.

I like how the supposedly crazy characters have been fleshed out, and humanized while the “normal” kid is the one on the outside looking in. Jin, everyone’s favorite womanizer is being made into a sympathetic character, and his relationship with Misaki is already enough of a hook to keep me anxious for the next episode. I remember reading somewhere that you can rate a story by the depth of it’s side characters, and that seems to be particularly true here.

Also, this happens... For ART! Stop thinking dirty things.

Also, this happens… For ART! Stop thinking dirty things.

So about that love hotel, I wasn’t expecting that. I can’t shake the feeling that Jin would have willing gone all the way with Mashiro if Sorata hadn’t shown up to “save” the day. When Jin punched Sorata I felt the reinforcement of how whimsical Jin really is; I suspect Jin is jealous of Misaki ability, and doesn’t feel worthy of her or something along those lines. I am curious to see how their relationship develop even if it is as straightforward as what I expect.

Mashiro is another driving force at work here, she is clearly willing to do just about anything to prefect her art even to the point of giving her body to someone in order to capture the feelings involved, leaving Sorata in a nonplussed state while he works out where he belongs. I wonder if Sorata’s ambition really is to create a video game? Or maybe that is just him looking for a way to run away from whatever his ambition really is? I like the way this anime is taking itself seriously, and look forward to seeing more character development next week. Also, more kitties! You can’t go wrong with kitties.

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