Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Episode 4

Recap: The drama that’s been building up reaches it’s climax this episode. Sorata has aspirations he wishes to work for, but his self doubt holds him back. As Sorta prepares to leave Sakourasou by giving away his kitties, and packing up his stuff it becomes apparent that what he really wants do is stay at Sakurasou, and learn to become a game programer. Sorata believes that he is not worthy of his aspirations because he doesn’t have the same level of talent the others at Sakurasou have, and has decided that it is for the best to give up without even trying.

Mashiro fails to take first place at the manga contest unleashing nasty emotions of relief, and jealously in Sorata as he watches someone with talent fail to reach their goal. He feels awful for this, but does not know how to deal with his emotions. Jin consoles Sorata by telling him that it is okay to accept having emotions of worry, and jealousy at the same time. Later when Sorata runs into Mashiro’s editor he finds out that the story was based off himself, and the rest of Sakurasou he has a change of heart. The reason Mashiro failed to win is credited with it’s sad abrupt ending in which Sorata leaves Sakurasou. Upon learning this Sorata rushes to Sakurasou, and declares to both Mashiro, and the rest of residents at Sakurasou that he is going to stay, and focus his studies on programing.

Anyone participating in NaNoWriMo can probably relate with this.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: So Sakurasou is totally a story about the ordeals of becoming a creator, and dealing with your peers, and the stress that comes with being around talent. Sakurasou even acknowledges that much of the stress is self created, but real pressure none the less. So if you don’t want to read about a writer writing about the drama’s of becoming an accomplished creator, you might not like this anime much, but as someone who has fantasies of becoming an accomplished creator myself I have been completely hooked.

I really love the interactions between Jin, and Sorata which is totally not what I expected after episode 1. Perhaps it’s a bit ironic that I kind of hate him at the same time for the way he takes out his stress by hooking up with random women instead of confronting his own emotions for Misaki, but the two make such a great pair on screen that it becomes hard to hate him for very long. Jin just might be the broest character of the season; our faceless Otaku is giving Jin some strong competition though.

These two are awesome trolls.

Another character dynamic I loved this last episode was the way that Mashiro was shown to be lot smarter, and more perceptive than she seems at first glance. The focus of her story, and the accuracy with which she was able to convey it more or less prove her character to be perceptive. Also, I can totally relate to being so focused on something as to become a zombie like being when pulled away from it. I can’t say that I’ve ever met anyone who is always like that, but try seeing what a bunch of nerds who spend all their free time raiding in WoW are like when they interact with people in person, and you will quickly realize that it’s not that strange for someone to so completely focused on one thing they seem out of touch. So I like to tell myself anyway as I am totally like that when I really focus on something.

This episode was the end of the first book, and it did a nice job of wrapping up quite a few loose ends. The rumor mill is that this anime is planned to end around the same time the last book is published which would mean this anime has a good chance of covering the entire story. My hopes of this becoming the next Toradora are looking pretty bright at the moment. I am not sure where this anime will go next, but I’m hooked, and can’t wait to find out.

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