My Little Monster Episode 6

Recap: Class Rep Oshima is quickly integrated into the plot as Haru confronts her after her advice fails to win him a class rep nomination of his own. At the same time, Shizuku’s test scores are dropping, which makes her question where her real priorities should lie. Her feelings culminate into the worst date scene in history.

One would be fooled into thinking this episode was about the adorable but mousy Class Rep with the way this episode starts off post opening. While the issues of poor Oshima are definitely on display, there’s a more subtle undertone to the episode that only reveals its weight in full by the end.

I did really enjoy the parts with Oshima this week. She paints herself as a victim of circumstance, but our group does not allow her to rely on that as a crutch for her own self-pity. Shizuku really hits at the core when saying any problems she has are her own fault. By expecting things to happen for her, she continues a self-fulfilling prophesy of loneliness. It really harkens me back to when I first entered college. I had similar problems, but by the end of them I realized how much I had done to cause them by myself. It’s only by reaching out and interacting with people that we can form bonds.

The poor girl gets nothing but grief once the group latches on to her, though. Asako and her omnipresent whiteboard make another hammy appearance in an attempt to “find her friends”, something I’ve really grown to love with her character. In the end, she blows up at Haru for not understanding Shizuku. As Haru points out, the biggest thing you have to realize in life is that not everyone is perfect. You also can’t force things, as much as Asako would love to believe to the contrary. Unfortunately, the biggest piece of advice Haru gives to her really should have been told to Shizuku.

Shizuku, unable to properly handle her feelings for Haru, is finding herself more distracted with her studies. It would have been nice to show us exactly what all that meant on her mock exam scores, as the numbers really didn’t show anything without context. I want to take her word on it that those scores were disappointing, but then I go back to Haru’s advice to Oshima, trying to overachieve will tire you out. Unfortunately, as she becomes more worried, she remembers a moment in childhood when she chose studying over what she wanted. There is comfort to what is logical, and what we can control, like how well we can take exams. However, it’s hardly a satisfying existence and it will only serve to isolate those who care about you.

Shizuku decides the only way to handle her feelings is to shelve them, and make them unimportant in comparison with her studies. It makes for a really depressing scene when the idea of a date, the date she wanted, is not even remembered. With a bonehead like Haru, Yuzan’s words really are scary, that Haru will not have the wherewithal to properly realize his own feelings at a time when Shizuku is slowly slipping away.

There’s no happy ending to be found in this episode. One could barely even call it an ending to begin with, fading into the ending with only a depressingly affirming ending sequence awaiting us at the end. The events going on at the end of this episode are so anathema to Shizuku’s development thus far it honestly hurts to see her doing this to herself. I can only hope Haru will be able to reach her even after retreating back into her safety zone.

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