Robotics Notes Episode 5

Recap: While Aki is struggling with financing, Kei investigates the weird reaction his tablet had in the last episode.  What he uncovers may bring him to face against a publicly benign but secretly militant scientific body. Wait, haven’t I heard that plot hook before?

Finally, the plot moves. While watching Aki be adorable and spirited as well as watching the ROBO-ONE fights were always a treat, we all knew this story was going to be about more than just a high school robotics club. I’m glad to finally see Junna back in the mix after her one and done scene establishing her relationship to Pops. Big credit to Funimation’s subbing staff this week for making her talk about the plight of the island’s animals that much more adorable. Knowing her relationship with grandpa as that of a distant one, I can see a reason why she doesn’t want to get involved with robots.

While the scenes between Junna and Kai were adorable, they really left me at a loss for our hero’s actions this week. First off, he goes and scares this girl he barely knows for no good reason. Idno if I’m just a softie, but the only times I’ve ever even tried to jokingly scare anyone it was with friends I’d known for years. Without the context of friendship it just makes Kai look like a jerk. You can also see his inner jerkness rise to the surface as he reads Aki’s tweet about her nervousness in being interviewed. Go back and look at that smile, my god that is a malicious smile if I’ve ever seen one. I’ll let him go for not wanting to do the interview since it’s obvious he’s just antisocial to begin with, but that smile just irked me somethin’ fierce. For our great hero’s last great moment of the episode, he barges into a girls room. Look, I get it, he and Aki are really close. Still, when someone comes to my place, they can enter the foyer without notice whenever they want, but if they want to see me in my room they knock the goddamn door I don’t care who they are.

MISTAH PUREADISU’s scenes were pretty short this week, but taking them together with his short moments from the past few weeks really paints a lot about the situation he has. It’s obvious he loves robots, and he loves the ROBO-ONE. He wants to be able to express himself and his interests earnestly. However, his father is an imposing man. If anything were to leak out that he were building robots again I imagine child abuse wouldn’t be out of the question. Even for how ridiculous he looked as he struck his pose and set up his light show again, I could only feel sorry for him as Aki ushered him out. He doesn’t want to leave the place where he’s actually accepted for what he loves.

As for our plot development this week, let it be said I was never a great predictor. In fact, after this last completely wrong prediction I might as well quit trying to do them altogether. Airi is not from the future. To be honest, the memory that made me think so is fuzzy at best. It does mean this show has a little bit of explaining to do, though. A bunch of nerds accidentally making time travel I could believe because they were using regular appliances and could only use rudimentary forms of time travel. In this case, the show seems to imply a fully functional AI has been in existence since 2008, not even in the future in terms of the release history of the game. I suppose we just met the girl so backstory has yet to be established, but I really hope its a good one.

I really must take an aside to ask Nitro+ what they have against legitimate science. From the evil overlords in Steins;Gate’s CERN to the nefarious coverup from NASA, it seems to love taking the idea of likable agencies and giving them sinister motives. Honestly I can kind of understand why NASA would want to cover up the truth if the truth meant our sun is exploding. Something tells me that’s not a condition you can easily fix, and might as well not throw the world into inconsolable panic by telling them we’ve entered the friggin’
end of days. I’m sure we’ll find even more nefarious motives in the future Kimijima Reports, but for now I have to wonder where this kind of immense problem would even begin to fit in the wheelhouse of the diminutive GUN-BUILD1.

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