Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Episode 8

Recap: Sorata gets his results back from game design competition, and he passed the first round. Also, he received a letter from Mashiro asking him what love is. Unsure how to respond to the later Sorata focuses on his presentation. He rewrites it many times and puts his all into it, but in the end when he brings it before the judges he fails to present he fails to be accepted.

Feeling depressed Sorata is forced to deal with nasty emotions of resentment toward Mashiro who seemingly always succeeds at her own goals. Instead of leaving Sorata depressed the cast of Sakurasou decided to use this as an excuse to have a late night pool party to welcome Nanami to Sakurasou. In the end Sorata is cheered up, and decides to to press on with his game designs, and try again.

BOOM! Headshot

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Considering that the second half of this episode solved Sorata’s problems with a “beach episode” this was a pretty solid episode. I like the way the cast are developing, and Nanami finally feels a bit more real. It helps that a lot of this episode was actually from Nanami’s perspective which kind of justifies her role, and in retrospect this is not really a new thing I guess. I wonder if the original light novel is like that as well? Or maybe it’s just a good choice on the part the animation staff.

Watching from Nanami’s perspective also helps develop Sorata as a character which is interesting because the longer this anime goes on the more Nanami begins to feel like a second protagonist. The beach episode portion of this episode didn’t feel groan worthy the way a “service scene” usually would.

I find this image hilarious out of context.

For all the silly antics in this anime I love how focused the story generally is Yuuko’s episode aside. I assume Yuuko will be coming back later on, and will become important, and so her episode will probably be justified. Next week it looks like we will be meeting another new cast member! An English Otaku chick of sorts. Will it be funny and stupid? Or just stupid? Guess I will need to watch the next episode to find out.

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