First Impressions: Cuticle Detective Inaba


Manga Adaptation by ZEXCS
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: Hiroshi Inaba, a werewolf with a hair fetish, runs a private detective agency with a bunch of other weirdos. His current assignment: catch the mysterious counterfeiter who also happens to be an anthropomorphic goat, Don Valentino.


Marlin’s Verdict: What in God’s name did I just watch?

Well… That was certainly something. When we were deciding shows I remember taking CDI early because I took one look at that premise and I was like “This sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever.” Turns out I was completely right. This show just assaults you right from the get go with absolute absurdity and doesn’t stop till the immortal mafioso goat villain sings the final lyrics of the ed. No I didn’t just have a stroke there, there is literally an immortal mafioso goat villain. Did I also mention he likes to eat money, and that after eating money it can be spat out of him changing the face on the currency to his own. Oh, by the way, our hero is a werewolf formed by in vitro fertilization who has a hair fetish and can use it to make people loose the will to live. The crazy thing about it is their gambit might have actually worked. While some parts of it were a little hard to swallow, oddly enough the entire thing would actually be better if there wasn’t a straight man the way I see it, the entire proceedings were just so friggin’ crazy that I just have to watch at least one more episode to see where they go with this.


Iro’s Verdict: Hairy Situation

I entered this anime with perhaps unrealistic expectations: the phrase “werewolf detective” brings to my mind a film noir type of story, with rainy cities and gory murder mysteries. Instead, this show is a screwball comedy (an unfunny screwball comedy, at that) which follows that grand anime tradition of loudly explaining every joke a split-second after it happens. I suppose some credit must go to Junichi Suwabe for playing against type by voicing the main character, but that’s not enough to save this show in my eyes. Pass.


6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Cuticle Detective Inaba

  1. Well, it was never meant to be serious in the long run. I enjoy this series very much, even if the gags are over the top.

    • It’s been a while so I had to go back and rewatch it, but I remember why I dropped it pretty much immediately. It’s stupid, but not in the good way most gag comedies are. The only really good part about it was that ridiculous ending with the goat singing, reminded me of the Sgt. Frog ED.

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