First Impressions: Senran Kagura

Senran Kagura - 01 titlecard

Game Adaption by Artland
Simulcast Pending on Funimation

Premise: Deep within Hanzo National Academy there is a small group of female students enrolled in a secret course that only a select few even know exists. They also for some reason all happen to be rather well endowed.

[Commie] Senran Kagura - 01 1

Timmy’s Verdict: Guilty Pleasure the Show

I have always appreciated and admired the blunt “people want it so we made it” attitude of the devs of the Senran Kagura games, and it seems the anime has that same attitude. It almost seems like the entire premise is meant to or at least comes across to me as a parody of the genre. “People like big boobs so we made everyone well endowed. People like seeing girls seductively eat things so we had them eat sushi rolls and randomly show them licking freeze pops. Breast groping? Yeah, we better have plenty of that since people like that sort of thing. Transformation scenes? Aww yea, gotta have those!” It feels like someone is going through a checklist and poking fun while they do. I just hope Senran can keep its material fresh because most of the jokes and visual gags, like the instructor entering and leaving in a cloud of smoke, or the secret laundryish chute to the practice arena, are pretty funny.

Its also nice to see a bit of characterization with this kind of show and it will be interesting to see if these characters are allowed to develop and grow. Seeing as a few of them do kind of  suck as ninjas there is plenty of room for it. Some sort of plot is also hinted at but hopefully the show doesn’t try too hard in that regard unless it really knows what it is doing. Samurai Girls tried the whole plot thing halfway through the season and failed pretty miserably and I would hate to see this show suffer the same fate. I found Senran to be a lot of mindless fun and hopefully it is able to stay that way. If I had a request though it would be to turn down the groping. Katsuragi is awesome and all but really, while it is possibly excusable the first time to establish the character despite being terribly awkward, it has already gotten downright absurd.

[Commie] Senran Kagura - 01 4

Lifesong’s Verdict: Stupid fun with ninjas and boobs

If you even consider watching this you probably know exactly what you are getting into. This anime promises to bring boobs and ninjas, it brings boobs and ninjas. The breasts swing and bounce freely here but there is a decent amount of action as well. The heroines of this story are at least classier than say someone from Queens Blade or Estetica, but that will mean little to anyone who does not like breasts in their face. What can I say, I dislike the gross antics of some of the more aggressive ecchi series but Senran does not seem to be as far gone as some. I am not above enjoying a little service. It seems there just might be a touch of story below the surface as well, count me in.

[Commie] Senran Kagura - 01 3

Marlin’s Verdict: Like watching a Team Ninja game

I know what Senran Kagura is, so I really did know what I was getting into watching this. That didn’t stop me from rolling my eyes at how stupid the whole thing was. I do have to say I’ve never been fond of the weird trope of the joker feeling up the shy girl. It’s really awkward and just exemplifies how batshit insane the breast physics are in this show. I love the teacher, which seems to be a universal agreement, what with him just smokebombing whenever he needs to go somewhere like a badass. The transformations were actually the best part for me because I was imagining this old japanese VA dude looking at the footage he was voicing over and wondering what happened to his life. Still, the stupid fanservice show is a stupid fanservice show and I don’t see myself becoming inclined to watch any more.

[Commie] Senran Kagura - 01 2

Jel’s Verdict: It is what it is

I don’t need to rehash what the other guys said, it’s ninja school girls with big boobs and it does its best to deliver those two things. Bonus points for keeping it slightly classier than your usual Exploding Clothes action anime but I suspect that is only because of the series’ relatively tame 3DS roots.

Zigg’s Verdict: Take a cold shower

This is nothing more or less than exactly what you thought it would be. It has a vertiable cornucopia of girls, all of whom have obscenely massive chests which move like they have their own gravitational fields. There are a lot of panty shots, some pseudo-fellatio performed on food and a few decent action scenes. It’s bright, colourful, relatively playful and watching it makes me feel like the worst person on earth.  Don’t watch this if you have any interest in your entertainment involving plot, character, subtlety, or any sort of realistic motivation. Watch this if you’re scared enough of real women that actual pornography is not an option. You know what you’re getting into.

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