Maoyu Episode 2


Recap: The Demon King takes it upon herself to visit a human village and teach them advanced farming techniques. This unique challenge involves first teaching the village people how to think at all.

Two runaway serfs also join the demon kings estate. The theme here is that food is important, and that people understand it’s value only after it is gone.

It is not every day anime gives us a lesson on farming.

It is not every day anime gives us a lesson on farming.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Everyone loves maids, few people like insects. I like how pointed the dialog is in this episode. More so than with episode one I am really beginning to feel how obvious it is that this started as a writing effort on the web. The way the dialog manages to be so pointed while also being entirely harmless reminds me of the internet entirely too well. Relating runaways with insects and then children with animals seems strangely appropriate in the context of a group of gamers on the internet. That said this pointed dialog somehow feels right at home thanks to this fairy tale’s game like nature.

I am a bit surprised at how.. abruptly the episode ends. It’s not that anything particularly bad happens, it just feels like a paragraph cut off at it’s mid point. I am very curious to see how the Demon Kings problem solving formula will play out. I am a bit worried it will consist of several episodes of setup and then one episode of actual problem solving. Seeing that the female knight shows up in episode 3 eases my worries some. Hopefully the disjointed nature of this particular episode is an exception to the rule.

I am fascinated by Ruby's chest.

I am fascinated by Ruby’s chest.

When it comes to teaching someone a thing they have not experienced as important, ignorance is a curse. I am very curious to see what method Ruby will use to get these people to understand the value of the information she is trying to give them. Despite what I said early about the disjointed ending, I am curious what she has in her chest. With any luck the next episode will have some problem solving, justifying all the build up and presenting in this one.

4 thoughts on “Maoyu Episode 2

  1. The animator cleverly showed how crops rotation methods use magic lantern while in Maoyuu Maou Yuusha manga it explain by Demon Queen.
    I love the ending music “unknown vision” by Akino Arai.

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