Maoyu Episode 7


Recap: The Demon King is preparing to visit the demon world in order to renew her contract as Demon King, while the Knight competes with her for the Heroes time and affection.

The older sister maid is charged with carrying out the Demon Kings wishes while she is away. Meanwhile dark forces in the human world plot evil things.

Vividred has nothing on this.

Vividred has nothing on this.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Who needs a timeshare when the bed is big enough for 3? It seems aside from the three maids all the ladies want a piece of the hero. Thankfully the harem like nature of these gags are just that, gags. That said, Sawashiro Knight has been quickly earning my affection. In part because she reminds me of Spice and Wolf’s Holo than the Demon King does, but also just because of her voice. Not that Ami Koshimizu’s Demon King is any less awesome. The low budget nature of this anime makes me appreciate the vocals that much more.

The flash of inventions this episode was amusing. I am impressed with how thoroughly thought out this all is. Now we have water pumps, a printing press and even orange soda. This episode raised an interesting question on eduction. Just how important is it? Personally, I feel like the theme of valuing education is one of Maoyu’s strongest. I feel more compelled to dig deeper into this story by the Older Sister Maid than I do the Demon King or the Knight. I wouldn’t say those bits of the story are not interesting, they are but they are not as compelling as the story of becoming human and valuing eduction. It’s a grade of good and great, I am certainly not complaining.

Because we would be lost without an eye-patched villain.

Because we would be lost without an eye-patched villain.

I wonder what the story has in store for us next. I am very curious to see how the Older Sister Maid will use her transformation ring. I expect to see some more development from the Knight and the Hero, possibly development between the two of them. I both hope and suspect that the hero will remain loyal to the Demon King regardless of how events go down. In other news, what ever happened to the Mage? Here we are 7 episodes in and she is still MIA it seems.

3 thoughts on “Maoyu Episode 7

  1. What I don’t get is rescuing the eye-patch former general to become your collaborator. Who in their right mind would choose someone dishonourably discharged for cowardice and sentenced to death to lead your army (assuming that’s his role)?

    • Maybe he just needed a loyal puppet? It may be giving him too much credit to assume he has an intelligent reason for anything he does. Both of those villain characters seem to be bumbling idiots.

  2. The anime is try how a story in Maoyuu Maou Yuusha story can be show in different variety scene, which unable to show out perfectly in the manga. This episode was one good example of it.
    I like this one than previous episode.

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