Maoyu Episode 5


Recap: War is brewing. The Winter Nation is charged with taking back their lost island. Meanwhile the Hero works to restore the demons to power to the city taken by the Humans.

Everyone is preparing for their coming battles. Female Knight is off to lead the way for the humans while the Demon King and Hero prepare to enter the fray themselves. The Hero and Demon King share a dance which sparks an idea for both of them. The next time they meet will be on the battle field.

Well, this is Awkward.

Well, this is Awkward.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Things are about to get blood it seems. I find it interesting that the Hero is never shown fighting. I assume this is due to time constraints, but it’s also sensible given the themes of this story. The Hero won’t be fighting his way to ultimate victory, he will be relying on the Demon King’s economics for that. I do hope they will be animating Sawashiro Knight fighting her battle. We did get to see some fighting in this weeks naval battle so it seems like the only character who won’t be animated fighting is the Hero himself. Perhaps that will change next week as well?

The pacing of Maoyu continues to throw me off slightly. Events are transpiring quickly and I feel like I don’t quite catch everything that happens the first time I watch each episode. I wouldn’t say this is taking away from my enjoyment any, but it remains a noticeable issue. This can also be felt in the relationship between the Hero and the Demon King. They have an oddly charming dynamic between the two of them, but it feels slightly out of step with the rest of the story. Perhaps it is just an odd contrast? The world is changing quickly while both of them develop oh so slow. It is both ironic and a bit charming that two of the most powerful figures in this fantasy world are hopeless virgins unable to take the lead in romance.

Just an everyday befriending.

Just an everyday befriending.

I find myself with a surprising amount of affection of the supporting cast of Maoyu. Sawashiro Knight is a given. Just listening to Ami Koshimizu Demon King chat with Sawashiro Knight is a fun experience; however, I find myself most drawn to the story of the Older Sister Maid. Unlike the rest of the cast who have faced a very small amount of development since the story has started, Haruka Tomatsu Maid has grown from a starving runaway into an educated young woman. Supposedly on top of learning from Chiwa Saito Maid she even trained to fight with Sawashiro Knight. Her quest to continue to become human is one of my favorite parts of this anime.

Much of this weeks episode was build up for the coming events. There was a small amount of outcry from my friends when the Demon King and Hero parted ways without finishing their kiss. I half expected to see the Head Maid watching from some corner like a ninja face-palming over their lack of progress. I do the like the awkward jealously between the two. They both say that they belong to each other but neither is willing to force the romantic angle anymore than it already is. It is both cute and frustrating. The dance was a charming sendoff for the episode none the less.

The way they honor the Head Maid with a gift is endearing.

The way they honor the Head Maid with a gift is endearing.

What comes next? We are about to hit the mid point of this anime and I expect some of the dynamics of this story to shift. I wonder if both areas will be returned to their respective factions. The Hero and the Demon King both have something up their sleeves and seem to have reached some sort of conclusion during their dance. I can’t help but wonder what sort of idea they both found. Next week, things go down! I can’t wait to see what the next step in moving beyond the metaphorical hill is for this economic fantasy.

2 thoughts on “Maoyu Episode 5

  1. You forgot to mention about Gate city issue and the failure 1st Bright (Aurora) island expedition due incompetent of White night Nation king in your post. They are important background elements in Maoyuu Maou Yuusha which will be build up for next episode.

    I got feeling there a lot of chop event in next week episode. The battle deserves two episodes for me.

    • I’ll keep that in mind for next week. I try to keep my racaps succinct as I assume most people who read them will have watched the episode. Since that scene didn’t have any immediate relevance for this episode I decided there was nothing to say about it.

      I do wonder if the battle will be a single episode or not. The way the pace is going I kind of assume it will be, but it would be nice to be wrong.

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