Maoyu Episode 4


Recap: The Demon King prepares to meet with the Merchant and seal a deal with them by offering to teach them about corn. The merchants question her motives but after a situation that almost got ugly the two come to an agreement.

The Merchant, impressed by the Demon King proposes to her. She turns him down, of course. There has been little progress between herself and the Hero who continues to search for the Mage. Will he return in time for the festival dance?

Hero Wanted.

Hero Wanted.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: We are covering ground quickly. I wonder how much of this pacing is original to the anime and how much is simply because of the nature of this story. It makes sense for us to move quickly about a plot that involves long term investments but should we also consider the relationship between the Hero and the Demon King a long term investment? For better or worse that is what it has begun to feel like. Older Sister Maid is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine in her quest to become human and it seems her story has made the most progress so far.

The Head Maid feels more like the force of the internet than ever before in this episode. I can’t help but wonder how much of the Demon King’s plan is hers and how much belongs to the the Demon King herself. I want to see more of what the hero was doing in the Demon Lands but the interactions with the merchants more than made up for that. I loved all the hidden signals on both sides. I was bit surprised when the Demon King came right out and told the Merchant that she plans to end the war and that she wants to use him as a means to get there. The Merchant is an interesting character. Also, these merchants take their hats very seriously.

Sawashiro Knight is an awesome thing.

Sawashiro Knight is an awesome thing.

I long for more interaction between the Hero and the Demon King like what we saw in episodes one and two. While somewhat expected, I find it interesting that the Demon King hasn’t been using the Hero. I suppose he isn’t very useful but the awkward nature of their relationship is only made more awkward by his uselessness. I look forward to seeing him return and for their relationship to progress. Perhaps the upcoming festival will be a turning point? I can only hope.

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