Oreshura Episode 2


Recap: Eita is forced to go along with his new “girlfriends” whims as she torments his childhood friend. Masuzu dangles the secret of popularity out in front of Chiwa like a carrot on a stick.

Chiwa who clearly has feelings for Eita is determined to play by Masuzu’s rules so that she won’t have to give up on him. Masuzu uses this situation to troll Chiwa to her hearts content. Unknown to Chiwa all the advice she is receiving from Masuzu is coming straight out of Eita’s chuunibyou notebook. Things are not looking up for Chiwa or Eita.

Beware, those are the eyes of a predator.

Beware, those are the eyes of a predator.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: How far will Masuzu have to push Chiwa before she hurts her badly? I imagine that Masuzu is perfectly willing to test Chiwa’s limits until she reaches their end. Watching Chiwa get trolled hurt pretty bad. It’s rare for anime heroine to be quite this cruel. At the very least the cliche childhood-friend thing has been justified now, justified by torment, but justified none the less.

I spoke a bit too soon when I assumed that Eita understood that Chiwa has feelings for him. It hurt to see Chiwa get abused so badly for Eita’s sake while Eita just sits there idle, unaware of why she is taking the abuse so readily. Masazu on the other hand is entirely aware of what she is doing to Chiwa. The dark extent of her blackened soul is impressive, but it also powers this anime. Cold, manipulating, evil and just a bit contrived make up Masuzu’s character and this anime is better for the way she doesn’t pull her punches.

Giggles of blackened EVIL.

Giggles of blackened EVIL.

So what’s next? My original expectation going into this involved this anime becoming a love story of unlikely sorts. Eita and Masuzu would break down the barrier around each others feelings, and a romance would bloom. That still seems like the most likely path for this anime to take, but after this episode I am not so sure if it will. I won’t be very surprised if Masuzu is just as cold and cruel at the end of this series as she is now. It serves a purpose, torment.

I see some interesting potentially for making a statement about love but it is far to early to tell if this anime is actually going to take the brave path of making that statement, or go with something more cliche instead. Masuzu’s words serve as a good tease for exploring this theme of love deeper later on; let us hope this series is more than just a tease. The fact that Masuzu’s opinions on love ring true with my own just makes me detest her that much more; however, I assume that is entirely the point. I look forward to seeing just what path this story will take as this anime unfolds.

The opposite of love isn’t hate, but rather, apathy. You see the path to dating starts from a lack of apathy towards someone. – Masuzu Natsukawa

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