Kotoura-san Episode 3

Way to man up

Recap: Haruka and Manabe’s relationship begins to heat up as Yuriko tries to help the couple get closer. Unable to control her jealously as she looks on, Moritani decides to take action.

Jel’s Thoughts: As much as I enjoyed the first two episodes of Kotoura-san, I had no clue how they were going to make this show sustainable without totally giving in to its wacky comedy tendencies. With Haruka and Manabe’s relationship moving so quickly, it seemed like were all set for happy fun school days for the rest of the series. I GUESS NOT! This show continues to surprise me by essentially hitting the reset button and showing they’re willing to go deeper into Haruka’s healing process than simply getting a boyfriend to fix everything.

Raise your hand if you thought she was going to sing like an angel

It’s a very well set trap as the first half of the episode is full of adorable comedy and sweet romance. I love how they waste no time in establishing these two crazy kids have feelings for each other, and having Yuriko and Muroto (who shall be henceforth called Chibi Keima) as the deviously supportive senpai creates a dynamic that probably could carry a show if it had to. The comedy bits are pretty funny as well, with Haruka’s incredibly tone deaf performance of the opening song as the high point.

Of course Kotoura-san is more than just the feel good romantic comedy bits, and the second half of this episode got nearly as intense as the series’ opener. Now that everything has kind of fallen apart again I really am glad they didn’t over simplify Haruka’s issues. Having fun with Manabe and the ESP Club was really just a bandage, and while they can lend their support in the future she’s ultimately going to have to learn to love herself. That makes for a much more satisfying experience than a simple romance or comedy, and I’m all for it.

Once again, Manabe is a good dude

After the events of this episode though, we do require some more immediate patchwork. It’s easy to assume Moritani is a horrible human being after what she did, but I’m fairly sure she’s going to turn things around after this. With Manabe somewhat resigned to his fate, I’m even going to bet she will be the one to track down Haruka and bring her back. Where we go from there is entirely unclear, but the fact that Kotoura-san can keep me guessing and still make all the right calls makes it better than a lot of other shows in the genre.

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