Oreshura Episode 4


Recap: Chiwa waits for her date, Eita and Masuzu hide and watch from nearby. As they wait and time passes Eita catches Chiwa’s date watching from the sidelines as well. He is with his friends taking bets on how long she will wait before going home.

Eita loses it and rushes out defend Chiwa by spouting chuunibyo nonsense. Is his frenzied stupor he attacks the athletic boy and his friends only to get beat up. Chiwa who is watching from nearby is the one who saves the day. She picks up a stick of sorts and beats all the boys off Eita. In the end she admits that she didn’t actually want to date him in the first place and that they should both just forget the event ever happened.

Who used who? Chiwa got what she wanted in the end.

Who used who? Chiwa got what she wanted in the end.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Chiwa is everything this anime has going for it. I am okay with that but Masuzu’s contrived nature only works for building up Chiwa. This episode tried to make Masuzu more sympathetic while still giving off mixed signals to the audience. I am forced to let out of groan of pain at the thought that Masuzu really does like Eita. Also, Eita is sympathizing with Masuzu? The lack of established character motivation for Eita is nearly enough to topple any drama on it’s face.

The fight scene this episode was cool. Chiwa got a chance to shine as did Eita despite his intelligence lapse. It seems girl three saw Eita’s attempted heroics and fell for him. I can’t see how adding another girl could be a positive dynamic shift but I am willing to give Oreshura the benefit of the doubt for now. Masuzu’s bid for sympathy only made me hate her more. The timing was awful. Am I supposed to hate Masuzu or am I supposed to relate with her? I am not certain and this anime is not giving me enough to go on. The one thing I am certain of is that Ourshura is not doing itself a favor with it’s conflicting character motivations.

Villain, heroine or just a contrived mess? I am not sure.

Villain, heroine or just a contrived mess? I am not sure.

Ourshura is treading on thin ice. It has done a fantastic job at turning Chiwa into a sympathetic character and giving us reason to like and care about her. The mixed signals give me reason to worry about the future of this anime. Oureshura is poised to fall into a harem cycle that will never be allowed a conclusion of any merit. Masuzu as a bitch gives this anime an interesting dynamic. Masuzu as a sadistic pervert conflicts with Eita’s established character. It is not impossible for Masuzu to earn sympathy, but she did nothing to earn the sympathy she was given in this episode. Prove me wrong Oreshura, I want to like you.

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