Chihayafuru 2 Episode 4


Team Mizusawa is feeling confident after dominating in their preliminary group. However, Taichi is still off his game, and the rival coach being his society’s best player doesn’t help things. Will he be able to keep his cool?

Even after 29 episodes, I still kinda find it funny how much I can love a show about a sport totally impenetrable to people like me with such a weak grasp on the language. It really is a testament to how well the drama is crafted and how well built these characters are. Taichi is definitely one of the easiest of them to root for. While born to affluence, he has lived under suffocating parenting. While gifted at kartua, he seems to never possess the edge he needs to move on. Once again we see his mettle tested this week, and it’s a greater psychological fair than any lesson in skill.


I love Tsuboguchi’s strategy here. There’s no way in hell he’s beating Nishida and Chihaya with the team he’s got, but he knows if he can screw with Taichi he’s still got a shot. The style his challenger Sasa used was smart too, basically acting like a brat to try and throw him off his game. It was hard to watch Taichi squirm so much but you got to appreciate how much thought went into specifically trying to screw with him in the first place.

This episode’s pacing and presentation were absolutely wonderful. It really shows how well you can craft a stressful narrative when every member of a team wins and you still have the audience sweatin’ it out the entire time. Even for someone like me who doesn’t believe in luck, they got me thinking for a second that Mashima really just can’t catch a break. Well, I guess outside of his luck with the ladies, the little bastard.


Best part of the episode was definitely Mashima getting towels  rained down on him like underwear at a rock concert. I love how he tells them he’ll wash them and get them back but then Kana’s mom is just like NOT NECESSARY. Seeing Chihaya almost bowl over Komano to get him a towel too was really adorable as well, but unfortunately I don’t think that means the relationship is going to go anywhere anytime soon. With Arata’s first scene my worries about a complete love triangle were also realized, but I doubt either topic is going to get broached as long as there’s karuta to win.  With Hokuo coming up we have a rematch of last year’s championship. What tricks do they have up their sleeve now? With their ace graduated they’re going to have to pull some serious stops to make this a challenge for our dominating squad.


One thought on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 4

  1. I recommend learning the poems one a day. Other than stocking up for the day when karuta clubs start springing up worldwide, and understanding a bit of culture, you occassionally get references to the poems that otherwise would make no sense, such as the mention of 鵲の by Chihaya.

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