Robotics;Notes Episode 19


Recap: Misa escapes and goes on a rampage in the Expo, destroying every robot and incapacitating her own for ostensibly no reason. Thing is, that was apparently an EM generated hallucination…. yeah this show is really startin’ to go away from any sense of suspension of disbelief.

I appreciate that Robotics;Notes is really trying to ratchet up the plot, but it really shows how insignificant our focal characters seem in the larger picture. Apparently Misa and her supporters in Exoskeleton are teaming up with CERN to do some weird black hole shenanigans. I still don’t get how they benefit from the murder of more than 70% of the world’s population, but they’re the big bad and traditionally i suppose there is precedent for Nitro+ baddies to go big or go home.


We start out learning that somehow the Misa we see at the Expo is a hallucination, and yet its somehow able to pilot the Exoskeleton murder bot remotely. Is it because she was in the other one or something? I still find it hilarious that somehow a robot that was packing hidden rockets and blades was somehow not stopped in some kind of screening process. Good Lord, the thing just screams evil even before it starts messing up the place. What’s also funny, and subsequently takes out some of the drama, is that all that incapacitates it is having it destroy the GUN-BUILD2 and having it fall on top of it like that wasn’t completely avoidable. Let me remind you that this is supposed to be some futuretech killbot and that our robot was specifically built on a lightweight aluminum design, how is it that it so easily crushed it?

Not much time to rest is given before Kaito checks outside to find that the world’s gone crazy on him. He’s seeing things that obviously aren’t real, and the IRUO is showing even less. Apparently we’re supposed to believe there’s some kind of electromagnetic weapon that can cause incredibly specific hallucinations in peoples brains. Not only does this just seem pulled out of nowhere it also kinda seems completely bullshit.


The worst part is they finally broke Akiho, even if for only about a half hour. I’m not sure why she got so bummed out that her amateur shopbot got destroyed by a machine at least a hundred times more funded and researched, but it was the final crack to break our genki girl’s armor. For once, we finally have Kaito being the one to motivate, and he finally gets her to come with him and try to stop them. Once again, how? I have no idea what these two think they can bring to the table, but apparently it’s worth enough to get them secretly flown out of Tokyo.

It was nice to see Nae back in the picture, as well as a bit of a callback to her hertage as Ms. Braun. This does bring up a pretty salient question though, where is the Future Gadget Lab in all of this? By Nae’s very existence it’s pretty clear that the characters of Steins;Gate occupy this world. How is it that none of them have been trying to reverse these whole world ending plot shenanigans? That was basically their job! I suppose there’s still time for them to come out as a supporting role, but you’d feel they’d get involved around the time robots started going berserk in their backyard.


With Kimijima outed as the real big bad, I did feel like that was clever enough to get by. I suppose we should have noticed that kagome kagome was coming from his house, and that’s what was causing the problems, not some shadowy organization’s plot. It also explains how he’d be able to get Mizu at the perfect moment, he could have just been laying there in wait. The experiments with putting consciousness in a virtual network ala GitS is clever, but I feel that would only get wiped out once his whole black hole holocaust idea comes to fruition. Who’s gonna maintain your servers and memory banks when everyone’s struggling just to survive? I feel like I could take an emaciated loli even if she’s wielding a PPK, but for the moment it seems our team is stuck on the tarmac. Will they be able to get past her quickly, or are we in store for some kind of villain’s monologue?


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